Bread, cheese and veggies before the symphony – 2 May 2019

We still had the half-round of Couronne de Fontenay that we didn’t eat on our long hike on the 28th, and I noted that it would make a good quick dinner for before the symphony. We also still had a chunk of the Cambozola from Costco. D took out the cheeses at lunchtime, and I arranged them on a plate free from their plastic, so they would not be messy once warmed to eating temperature. The Couronne had melted into a much smaller-looking lump during the day-long hike, but turned out still to be excellent eating. We ate it all up, and had only a bit of the Cambozola this time, rather than leaving some of each of the two cheeses. D did the small bit of shopping after lunch, and bought a Semifreddi seeded baguette to go with the cheeses.

By the time I came down at 6 after deciding what to wear and setting it all out for a quick change, D had produced a pretty little arrangement of cold veggies – cauliflower, mushrooms, carrot, and celery – as well as little bowls of quartered strawberries, to go with the bread and cheese.

There was still a bottle of the Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio (2016) in the fridge from the time when I brought it and a CalStar Chard up for the “white omelette” on the 29th, and D chose the CalStar for that dinner. The Tiefenbrunner was really perfect with this meal.


I suggested we either get a Rustic baguette from the Bowl for lunch sandwiches and have the rest for dinner, or take what was about the last of the sliced bread from the freezer and make a sandwich, and then get a regular baguette for dinner. Then I noticed it was already 1:20 – we were just getting back from our bike ride into town for mail and show tickets – and I decided we should use the frozen bread and forget about shopping till after lunch. I made one big sandwich from the two thin slices of [defrosted] Acme Upstairs Bread, with Berkeley Bowl seedy mustard, mayonnaise, thin-sliced yellow onion, and more of the Prairie Breeze cheddar (Iowan) from Cheese Board. D cooked up a batch of the Brussels Sprouts that I bought from the discount room at the Bowl last week but we only started using yesterday, for some reason. It was, of course, a really delicious lunch.

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