Tilapia baked in a cilantro/ginger/soy/sesame sauce; chard – 9 May 2019

No bones in tilapia fillets! I do love that.

R&E left us almost an entire bunch of cilantro, which I originally thought was parsley. Of which we also had most of a bunch, in washed bouquets on the island. So we planned how to use up parsley (gremolata with fish!) and then I discovered that the new half the parsley was cilantro. Since, as D pointed out, cilantro is more fragile than parsley, we decided to use that up first. My usual idea, of course, is to make a pizza, but D stuck with the fish – “it would be good with fish” – so I looked up recipes. The one I used was from thekitchn.com, and I would definitely alter it a bit, but it was very tasty and fundamentally very easy. It’s not a “quick meal,” in the sense that we would have to shop for at least three of the ingredients on most occasions – obviously you would buy the fish “day of,” and also we don’t keep fresh ginger, and rarely have cilantro, around (b/c it dies quickly). But it’s good and we might well make it again. Two other recipes I dug up are very different baked fish in cilantro sauce:  one a sort of Mexican style, and the other with lemon/garlic/ginger: Both seem as though they would be worth a try. D liked the sound of this one when I gave him a quick oral recitation, so we went with it, and I did the shopping while he took out all of the trash/recycling/compost for collection tomorrow – quite a project this time.

So, the idea here is to mix chopped cilantro, garlic, grated ginger (use the regular grater – the planer made ginger juice), etc., in a small food processor. Ok, but the mix included three liquids, making it very juicy, and it splashed all over when I tried to mix it in my little inverted Cuisinart. I also have a mini-Cuisinart that looks like a regular one, so I transferred what was left (most of it) to that one, and it still tried to escape out the top. So my revision is: Cuise the dry stuff and the sesame oil to a paste, remove or leave, but then mix in the white wine and soy sauce by hand! I decided not to add the optional jalapeno to the sauce this time, b/c I thought it would overshadow the fish. I really liked it quite well this way, though I enjoy hotness in food. One minor thing: The fresh cilantro garnish was a totally different green from the rest of the meal, and I don’t think it added anything to the taste, so I would not bother with it next time. TheKitchn said this was not a pretty recipe, but I think it looks fine – probably better – without the garnish. The photos on the recipe site show colors that are not in the recipe!

Veggies from the farm stand today. $2 each, except $5 for each bag of favas (1lb 3+oz each). We had the rainbow chard for dinner.

I let the fish cook 12 minutes, which was longer than the described (8-10), despite the fact that the small oven usually cooks things faster, not slower, than expected. I was not satified with the “flakes easily with fork” criterion at 10 minutes. Whatever – it worked. D started some brown rice early on and we let that sit and steam till the fish was done. It was short-grain, which I prefer. While the fish cooked, I also sauteed the (already stemmed, washed, cut, rewashed, spun, air-dried a bit) chard that I bought today at the farm stand when I went to M for a retirement party. Got such beautiful veggies there!! (See above – the picture fit better there 🙂 )

We had a sorta-tester wine that we got Tuesday at TJ’s – Picton Bay, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for $6.99, which is awfully good. It was fruitier than D expected (he suggested it) but I thought it was fine. We should try this one with Asian food, I think.

Forgot to take another picture of my pre-Mother’s Day cookie, but we did each have one 🙂 They are delicious!


I had a hamburger and curly fries (the latter of which my friend K helped me eat – thank you) as I usually do, and they were delicious, as they usually are 🙂 But I forgot to take a picture. Also had a slice of a very nice cake with fruit chunks in the icing, after formal remarks at the retirement reception.


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