Leftover grilled chicken thigh over rice, with spicy slaw from lunch at El Tazumal #2 – 12 May 2019

After a most excellent walk at Point Pinole, we drove back a ways to have lunch at El Tazumal 2 in Richmond, which we’d found back last June, and really loved. We had a big lunch – see below – and sorted out how to have a small dinner, while using up the last of the grilled chicken thighs from the 8th.


D suggested [what I thought was] to cook rice and mix it with the chicken and re-cook in oil a bit, but he just meant serve the reheated chicken over the rice. Which worked out fine. He wanted to have brown rice, but I wanted a lighter variety, b/c, per his suggestion, we were going to have the spicy cabbage-based salad that was our only leftover from lunch, and I decided I wanted to scatter mine over the top of the chicken and rice, to contrast the soft/crunchy textures, and the hot/cold temperatures. It worked pretty well, in fact, though the match of flavors was not made in heaven or anything.

D put an Eric Stauffenegger import into the fridge that we’d gotten Saturday at The Wine Mine – an old favorite, Haut-Marin (Cotes du Gascogne; Cuvee Marine 2017), and that made a nice complement to the tiny meal. D hoped we could have a pear with the last glass of wine, but the teeny Bartletts I bought the other day aren’t quite ready, and besides, today we have the last of the pre-Mother’s Day “Oreos” from R that we had planned on. And they really survived very well in their tightly-closed (and highly reflective…) cookie box – a lovely end to a most excellent day.


Ack! El Tazumal does not have a menu online! Well, I know I chose a chile relleno con queso (could alternatively have had pork or other meats inside). A refreshing and tasty salad, a little molded rice thing with some pretty veggies in it, and a pour of their delicious beans completed the lunch. The chile is hidden in the liquidy vegetable sauce there – I’ve never seen it done this way, and the flavor war different from what I expected, but this may be a Salvadoran variant. Anyway, it was very good. I especially loved eating the beans and rice together.

D and I switched plates partway through. His was a pupusa with cheese and beans, the above-mentioned spicy slaw* alongside to put over the top (not yet added in the photo, I see), the insides of a tamale evidently with potatoes, a fried plantain, and pools of sour cream and beans. All wonderful! The best, though, was the Salvadoran horchata, which is made from rice and other interesting stuff. It’s sweet and scrumptious. It served as dessert, b/c I had some left over by then (hard not to drink it all at once!) Just noticing this was a vegetarian lunch. Not surprising, really, as we eat veggie by accident all the time, just having what we love.

* “thekitchn” has this to say: Curtido, the accompanying slaw, is a combination of cabbage, carrots, and onions in a vinegary, spicy brine. Traditional curtido is fermented…”



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