Lori’s Pizza at Drake’s Dealership before Apollo 11 – 14 May 2019

Wonderful new place for pizza!

I wanted to see Apollo 11 on the big screen, and it was showing exactly one place, for one night, in this area (New Parkway Cinema – good place!). D is steadfastly uninterested in anything space-related, but suggested we have dinner in the area, then I could go to the movie and drive home and he would (leave me the car and) take the bus, given it would be light. The neighborhood does not feel like the safest place in the world. Anyway, he looked at Drake’s Dealership (named for a previous business) and it was a terrific place. We ate outside in an interior courtyard, which was plenty warm enough due to massive heaters above our heads (uneasy about the energy waste here, as I always am with these heaters heating the sky). It was busy but not full at 6:15pm. We both thought the Lori’s pizza sounded interesting, and it was really delicious. It seemed to have a very light underlayment of tomato sauce (marinara?), also some mozzarella, under Black Mission Figs, goat cheese, and castelvetrano olives. An unexpected combination that totally worked.

We had their own beers – D a “Drakonic” Imperial Stout and me the Robust Porter. They were both really good – mine more bitter, but also I thought somewhat more interesting. Next time I should try one of their flights.



For lunch we had sandwiches. We had already decided on having dinner out, so instead of buying a loaf of bread that would languish after lunchtime, I bought one Semifreddi ciabatta roll and we had sandwiches on that. Raw milk goat cheddar which the Bowl was tasting recently, a bit of lettuce from the Farm Stand (which I forgot till after the photo), too thin a slice of the leftover (from hamburgers) tomato to taste, though salted and peppered, mayonnaise, and some mustard on D’s side. It was good, but wanted more moisture, i.e. more tomato, even though it had little taste. I also cleaned up and spit the largest of the four carrots in the bunch I got Thursday at the farm stand. These are pretty good and sweet, though not the best I’ve ever had.

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