Red Snapper (Rock cod?) baked with lemon and stuff; refried rice; favas – 17 May 2019

This is actually a prep shot – before baking – but I thought it would make an interesting change.

LOL! We have not used the spring onions that I bought a week ago at the farm stand, with the intention of grilling them, b/c D likes to do that. So I mentioned them when we were considering dinner plans, and said why don’t we build a dinner around them, and D said yes, great. So he thought maybe fish – we can cook the fish however, and grill the spring onions. I said yo there’s leftover rice! But what about a green veggie. Brussels sprouts? No, cooked them already. Hm. Favas, then? OK, great. It’s a deal.

And then, the only thing we didn’t do is grill the spring onions. LOL!

Having bought tilapia last time, I decided to go for another simple fish we’d liked before, which is labeled rock cod and also red snapper. Whatever – it’s good 🙂 Also, only $9.99 today. I bought close to a pound of it. I thought I was going to microwave or bake it in parchment, but I remembered wrong, and the baked fish we had recently was not in parchment. I ended up using the baking temperature and glass pan from that recipe, but going with D’s suggestions for flavors to add (notably b/c we don’t have any ginger, so couldn’t do the previous one again). The previous one was coated with marinade, and did not dry out while baking. The marinade was a Cuised bunch of flavors, rubbed in a bit, but this was not going to be like

The lavender brightened up after D brought it in and put it in water. No idea what stomped on half of the poor plant.

that, so I started protecting the fish by drizzling some olive oil over each of the two fillets and rubbing it in on both sides. Then I salted moderately, ground pepper over the top, and added one monster clove of garlic, very thinly sliced, and a bunch of thinly sliced red onion that I had soaked well over 5 minutes in cold water and patted dry, then a lot of chopped cilantro (to use it up) and most of a very thinly sliced pesticide-free lemon. I poured out a very scant 1/2 cup of the an old white wine that D had given up on (corked, I think this one was) and used a spoon to drip it over the fish. The toppings held in place, which was great. Then I let the fish sit on the countertop till time to cook (probably at least 1/2 hour till D finished buying and stacking the wood that R had found at Urban Ore).  I set the timer for 12 minutes baking time at 475, but was not satisfied with the “flakes easily with fork” criterion, and gave it another 5 minutes. It turned out to be delicious! I served out just a little more than the larger fillet, so there are great leftovers for Sunday, as planned.

And D used only half the leftover rice. He cut some red onion and cooked it I think in butter till soft, then added the rice. Easy. He also shelled all the favas today and I blanched them, starting with 6 minutes for the monster-large three (not in photo), then 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute (joining the smallest ones that are in tow batches in the picture). I drained them into a colander and left for D to pop out of their skins. This bag of favas was about 1 lb 3.5 oz as bought, 4 oz after shelling, blanching, and popping out of their skins. That is to say, the edible part is about 1/5 of the bought part. Since they were just over $4/lb as bought, the edible part is about $20/lb. Luxury food for sure. D wants to grow them!

I spooned some of the liquid in the fish dish over the rice, served out the fish and spooned out more, and there is still a lot for the leftovers. This turned out to be a really good dinner! D suggested we have another bottle of the Haut Marin Cuvee Marine 2017 from Eric Stauffenegger, via The Wine Mine, and it was fine with the meal, though something starker might have been optimal. It’s a really nice and drinkable wine.

D went out and broke off one row of Trader Joe’s bittersweet chocolate with almonds, so that’s what we split for dessert.


This is really good – I’ve discovered that the avocado stands out more if you do not add salsa to the nachos. I decided to take a different picture of the nachos this time – while they were still in pieces 🙂 We used chips ‘Home Made’ brand chips this time, since they’re still on sale at the Bowl; Cheese Board “Cheap Jack” (Monterey Jack they keep very low priced); the last of the jar of Mezzetta jalapeno slices, cut up; avocado chunks; and La Victoria mild green taco sauce over the top. Delicious!

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