Herb-crusted cauliflower with green beans and small tomatoes – 18 May 2019

This is a complicated recipe till you plot it out – then it’s not hard to follow. The problem is that there are several threads, which split and/or join one another. A flow chart comes in handy.

Here’s where I wrote up my version of the recipe; however, this time I removed 1/8 tsp salt from the green beans, and 1/4 tsp from the dressing, b/c we thought it was pushing the salt quite a bit last time. Note that this is HALF the salt in the original recipe, which, as written, offers an entire day’s allotment of sodium to each diner. Fortunately, the commenters gave a major warning about the salt, which I had already been horrified by just reading that quantity in the ingredients list.

For some reason, though this recipe is quite lemony, we’ve always had red wines with it. Light reds – our recent Refosco, a TJ’s Epicuro Salice Salentino, and one other I can’t recall at the moment. Tonight we followed that pattern and D pulled out a Ciro that we’d gotten at The Wine Mine. (It says “Librandi” and 2016.) Surprisingly, both of us thought it didn’t go well at all with the meal. I think we should try a bold white sometime. Happy to make this dish frequently!


[End of veggie news.] There was a luncheon after graduation, and I was hoping it would be like last year’s, where there were little sandwiches and small, stand-up tables, and people could mingle. I wanted to meet the graduation speaker! But alas. Possibly the unseasonable rain that put the party inside caused the changes? The tables were normal sitting-tables, so no getting to talk with a lot of people (though the alums at my table were interesting people). The food was very tasty, but the sandwiches were huge, and should have been cut in half. Saves money, too 🙂 This is a chicken sandwich with I think roasted red pepper on it, and pesto. The tabbouleh was especially good, I thought. I should have looked closer at the sandwich and eschewed the potato chips, but parties are for indulgence, so I took a bunch.


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