Grilled, marinated chicken thighs; pilaf; broccoli – 14 January 2020

Wow – I thought this would be a decent but kinda boring dinner, but it turned out great! I asked suggestions from D as to how to marinate the chicken thighs, and I made a pilaf instead of just cooking rice. Those two things seem to have made the difference.

I was mincing a humongous clove of garlic for the chicken when I asked D how he would suggest marinating it. He said garlic, onion (both? yes, both!) and some soy sauce. Ooo, and some of the mustard that is essentially all seeds. So, since he is good at this, I followed his suggestions. The almost-defrosted thighs were in our largest glass container, and I splashed in several goops of soy sauce. I added the minced, monster garlic clove, and also the “heart of onion” – a pear-shaped center of the half-onion in the fridge – and perhaps a tsp of the seedy mustard. I mooshed these around with my hands, and left the chicken on the counter to marinate and finish the last bit of defrosting while I went for a shower.

I started the pilaf first – fortunately I had notes on the page of The Sultan’s Table for a reduced recipe for our 8″ Revere frying pan: 1/2 cup of rice, coated in 1 Tbsp butter, then 1 cup water, heated (2 mins in microwave) with a chicken bouillon cube in it, mixed into the coated rice. Cover, bring to simmer, cook 15, leave capped for at least another 5. D cooked up for lunch half the small bit of broccoli I had bought the other day, but of course, the remaining half was way too small for me for a dinner serving, so I bought about as much at the Bowl this afternoon and cooked up both that, and the remaining half D left. It was a nice serving size 🙂

All this was b/c we had had a wine at The Wine Mine on the 4th that I thought would be good with grilled chicken thighs and D was not sanguine about. We bought one, and D kept reminding me we need to have chicken thighs. So, we did. The wine was very good with them, and has a really interesting flavor. I’d be happy to get more of it. D points our that it’s a remarkable price for a decent pinot noir ($12.50). The wine is Ballard Lane central coast, 2017. I’m quite happy with it, and will lobby for more. [200208: Later I realized that this wine sort of fills the same niche as the Meiomi pinot, but is a lot cheaper and possibly better.]

Adding all this 8 Feb: I see we had some of the sesame/fennel seed/sugars treat for dessert. My notes from 15 November, when we first bought some, say ‘a sesame confection called a “round gajak,” brand “Charliee,” which also had sugars and fennel seeds.’ They are quite delicious, but a round is I think 1000 calories or something. Maybe 500. But a lot. 1/4 (shown) is plenty – even half that is enough to make my mouth happy.


[Still writing 8 Feb] I see we had more of the ok-not-great David Tanis “winter minestrone.” Also, the abovementioned broccoli. Fine lunch, nothing to write home about.



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