Excellent airport pizza – 17 January 2020

I landed a half hour late at DCA and, with at least an hour of subway ahead of me, decided to grab a bite to eat en route to the baggage claim instead of having a very late dinner at brother B’s house. I saw a guy at PAGE (to me, this means polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, but I expect that is not what it means to them) eating what looked like a good pizza, and indeed, it came from there. The woman who seemed to be in charge said it would be just 5-7 minutes for a pizza, so I ordered one. In fact, it was 5-7 minutes before they even started on it, and I got to baggage claim just as they were taking my suitcase to the claim center, but the wait was worth it. I saw the chef curling up the edges of the dough, topping with tomatoes (there were large fresh chunks on the pizza, which I didn’t expect – might have skipped it, it being not tomato season At All), and then lay on a few slices of cheese, bake the pizza a bit, put on more cheese (presumably a different one) and bake in a different oven, then add just 2 basil leaves (but one was huge) at the end. From the online menu:

Margherita tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, basil $13

I loved the Margherita! I ate half of it at the airport, and carried the rest home to brother B’s house and we split the remaining four pieces, after trying a warmup via broiler. This was not great. The pizza was excellent hot, but was not at all delicious after it got cold and re-warmed.

I dug out a CalStar Alta Zin from the cold cabinet and we shared that while chatting and eating pizza. It went fine with the pizza.

Brother B had gotten a Harry & David present from someone, and he offered some of that for dessert. We had the red-coated cherry things, which are delicious!


I brought lunch with me on the plane, after realizing that not only was our layover in STL short, it was not a plane change, so there would be no access to outside food. (And no plane food – it’s Southwest). So I took with me the rest of the honey-gouda I’d bought when the Bowl was tasting it, some crackers, the organic Fuji apple D didn’t see I’d bought so he bought another, and half the remaining hunk of fruitcake. I had a drink coupon, so I had a glass of white wine with my cheese and crackers.

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