Quesadillas with salsa and avocados – 18 January 2020

Brother B worked on his Wikipedia article today and I cooked dinner for us – quesadillas, for which he had bought the fixings before I arrived. We had small (about 8″? 9″?) flour tortillas, so B said he’d like 2 quesadillas. I settled for 1 1/2, folding over one tortilla to make the half. B later decided 2 was too much, so the three tortillas remaining in the package will make a perfect meal for him after I leave.

I was able to cook the quesadillas in the regular 10″ Revere pan, starting at “7” on the stove burner settings, but cutting later to “6.” I grated cheese onto one tortilla, topped with another, then another to grate cheese onto, then another, etc., stacking them up on the cutting board. I heated the oven to its lowest setting (170F) and turned it off, and put the plates in there, moving the cooked quesadillas to a plate to keep warm. When my last half-one was cooking, I put B’s back on the now-empty cutting board and cut them into sixths, arranged on his plate with salsa and avo chunks (I had the avo cut before I started), and then cut up and served mine. It is a very tasty dish, with mild Tostitos salsa, Monterey Jack, and a Haas avocado.

I found two bottles of Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio in the wine cabinet/cooler, and put it in the fridge about 5 – but it was not cold enough when I served “cooking wine,” so I put it into the freezer, which chilled it most effectively!


We had some of the Harry & David red balls (cherry-chocolate I think) for dessert, and an almond-flavored cookie sandwich with raspberry filling. And I tried some of the ice cream in the fridge, but decided it’s not worth the calories.


I was thinking of trying out toasting the Nature’s Promise multigrain bread for breakfast (with an egg) but decided to leave that as a lunch option instead. So I fried up an egg for lunch and it was good. Didn’t really get the toast toasty enough, but I noticed at the end of the time that there is a toast/bagel switch on the toaster and I’d had it on “bagel” – the toast not clasped, and the heating elements less hot. Ill try this again with the right setting – B’s toast later was very good (but I think even with the right size-settings it took too toastings).

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