Linguine with pancetta mushroom cream sauce; long sum choi – 22 January 2020

I decided to write up the recipe for this on the recipe blog supporting this one, though the original newspaper copy is still in my primary recipe notebook. I’ve modified it, and it’s good to have it spelled out in my own format. It’s an excellent dish – highly recommended!

So you can look there for the details. But I’ll repeat here that the recipe was created by then- (1996) student chef Jeana Lee, and won an award. Outline: cook diced pancetta, then cook sliced mushrooms in the same oil, add chardonnay and cream, parmesan (tiny!) parsley, and minced garlic, and serve with lemon zest over the top. I forgot to take a “setting photo, but at least I have bread to add šŸ™‚

I went to the Bowl for ingredients, and decided to buy a fresh bread instead of using slices from the freezer. I chose a Metropolis Pane Integrale, which was very good (good toast for breakfast the 23rd, also). We have no idea how they get such height into their breads – but I guess there’s a hint in the flour rings that these are raised in proofing baskets. Maybe that helps.

The reason I made this again (aside from loving it) despite having made it very recently, was that I ran across a Wente chardonnay at Costco. The original recipe was paired with a 1994 Wente Reserve Chardonnay and I decide finally to try this with as close as I could get to its original best bud wine. The pairing was excellent! This Wente wine is labeled “Arroyo Seco . Monterey, Riva Ranch Vineyard,” and is a 2015. It cost under $15 at Costco – a good deal, IMO. D liked it both as a wine and as a pairing.

Later, I said, “We don’t have any chocolate, do we?” Then I heard D rustling around in the kitchen, and he showed up with a square of Tcho Hazlenut Chunk, which was about perfect. I thought it was European upon tasting it, and I think that must have been the hazelnut flavor. It was creamy like European chocolates, too.


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