Pizza with olives, arugula, and prosciutto, from ‘ino

This worked so well on 200611 that I thought I ought to write up exactly what I did.

I was using a defrosted 1/3-crust that was more than 1/3 but less than half white whole wheat flour. I precooked the crust 2 1/2 minutes, so that the toppings would not have to be overcooked to get the crust done.

I used a buffalo mozz from the Bowl called “Angelo & Franco,” which I don’t like as well as Gustosella, but it evidently was fine for this. Two balls, total 8 oz. OMG. I halved each ball then cut crosswise into about 6 slices as usual, and let drain on a plastic cutting board set at an angle over a glass 9×13 baking dish. This drained for about an hour, but at the end, I still had to pour (carefully!) some liquid off the pizza, even after letting it sit for a couple minutes.

I used the speck rather than regular prosciutto, b/c that’s what we had, and we both thought it was terrific! The label says Recla – Speck – Dru-cured smoked ham.” This batch had the larger half of the usual prosciutto slices but not the smaller, so they were maybe 2″ wide (with very good trim!). I used all 5. After putting on 3, I wanted to add more, and it seemed silly to stop at 4 out of 5 of them, so I just added all of them. Of this size, then, 4 or 5 prosciutto-thin slices of speck. I tore them.

Added the cheese directly to the pre-cooked crust, then topped with the speck. I remembered to drizzle 1 Tbsp olive oil over the pizza at this point, and to grind on some pepper.

I baked the pizza 3 more minutes, till the crust looked really good, let it sit (I think while I served out the broccoli), then poured off some liquid and dried the pizza pan with a clean paper towel. Added 20 Nicoise olives (Gaeta would be preferred), halved crosswise into little Os, and a goodly pile of small back-yard arugula leaves, stemmed – pretty much the last of this year’s crop. Probably as much as 1 cup of leaves. Drizzled on another 1/2Tbsp+ of olive oil and ground more pepper over the top, and served.




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