This blog is about eating good and enjoyable food pretty much every night for dinner. My husband “D” and I almost never buy takeout, and we eat at restaurants rarely, mostly for special occasions. That is not because we can’t afford it, nor because there are not fabulously good restaurants around (this is Berkeley, CA, food heaven). It’s because we cook. Not fussy stuff, not usually complicated stuff, just really good and tasty food.

If there’s any message, it’s this: You can, too. We both work full time. True, our son R is all grown up and has his own home nearby – we do not have to deal with child care, nor with childish food rejection. Also, we do not have a TV to distract us from cooking and eating. The assumption is that we will have dinner together every night, and, y’know, converse and stuff. It’s nice – try it 🙂

This blog is mainly for me, to tell the truth. It’s more of a journal. I use it by looking back to see what wine or side dish we had with something or other on previous occasions, or just to get ideas for something that will be good and easy – if I’ve made it before, there’s less of a hurdle to making it again.

This year I’m going to make more minimalist posts, in general, so as to make more posts overall. 365 dinners is a goal, but not typically an achievement. As I begin, I’m posting entries despite not having shopped the images yet. Things on the dashboard are not as useful, so up they go, even without pix – and the pictures were what started this in the first place. I set a project of photographing every dinner for a year, realized I should write down what the photos were of, and that the computer was the place to do that – and then that WordPress would make it all easy.

So you’re welcome to read along if you like. In Berkeley, it’s really hard not to become a Foodie. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated…

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