What this blog is about

This is the third year I’ve had a “dinner blog” but I’m changing it a bit. The original intent was simply to record each dinner for a year (2010) in photos. Then I realized I had to add annotation. Then I realized that should be electronic, and finally I thought, “Well, why not on WordPress?” These blogs function, observes my husband “D”, as a sort of “narrative database” of meals we’ve had – searchable by text as well as tag and keyword. Here are links to 2010 and 2011.

What you can get out of it:

We love to eat. We love food and wine. We both work, so we rarely have the luxury of cooking for long hours (except on holidays, when the small family gathers in the large kitchen for an extravaganza), but still, we cook food from scratch that we really enjoy and that is overall quite good for us. We trade off cooking duties, usually a couple weeks at a time, so we don’t burn out. If we can do it, you can. We have one big time advantage in that we do not have a TV. This is also an advantage in that we are never tempted to do anything other than talk with each other over dinner – at the table – every night.

Changing it this year:

This year I’m departing from my simple format of one 500-px wide shot of my place at the table, a 400px shot of the wine, and any additional pix I might like to add. I’m going to give up any rigid format (making it freer and therefore also more time-consuming, so we’ll see how that goes). Still not a “photo blog” b/c the lighting is pretty challenging.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something of interest here. I am always willing to provide more details if you ask in a comment.

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