[This blog has been completed, but dinner blogging continues at: http://my365dinners2011.wordpress.com ]

How two people eat every day

This is a record of one year of our everyday dinners.  We can’t afford to pay people to cook for us that often (i.e. eat out or have take-out) so if we want tasty food, we have to make it for ourselves. Both of us work – I have a varying end time and can occasionally leave early enough to start a pizza dough at 4pm. D usually doesn’t leave work till 7, but can leave a bit earlier on occasion.  Though we often both bring work home, cooking and eating a really good dinner together every night is a major priority.  “How do you have time to cook???” What’s probably unusual about us is that we don’t have a TV. Highly recommended!

This blog grew out of my habit of making series of photographs over time. In late 2009, I decided I would record every dinner for a year. Then I thought – what the heck, make a blog out of it.

For each dinner, there is one sort of “theme photo” of my place at the table, and then any other pictures that seem relevant. A little chatter here and there on why or how this meal came about… what worked and what didn’t… that sort of thing. As of 31 Jan, I am starting to go through some too-dark photos to brighten them up.

I am happy to post recipes if you drop me a comment and ask for them. I am not going through posting them at this point b/c o the time it takes to write them out precisely, but I am happy to add upon request. Mostly I do mention the ingredients that give the dish its identity, so you have an idea what it might be like.

Thanks for visiting!

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