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Pintxos white bean, manchego, avocado and apple salad – 4 August 2017

I went in to the show in the morning with D&R&E, and came home by bus and BART before the end. Usually I go on for Friday afternoon (bus and BART or ferryboat) but this time I decided to skip … Continue reading

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White bean salad with Manchego, Avocado, Apple, and Lemon – 8 July 2012

I ran across this recipe in Pintxos, which my brother B gave me for Christmas, and it required all these things we have (pine nuts, basil from the garden) and want to be sure to use (manchego from Costco, green … Continue reading

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Cheese, bread, hard boiled egg and cold veggies before the Planning Commission meeting – 7 March 2012

D put together a quick but good meal since we had to leave for the Planning Commission meeting by about 6:40. He took out the last of some cheeses he and R had gotten during their recent show, and added … Continue reading

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Ploughman’s lunch for dinner – 9 February 2012

D walked in the door and proclaimed it was time for dinner. (Actually, then he allowed as how it might be a minute or two more…) He had bought an Acme sourdough baguette at the Bowl, and a jar of … Continue reading

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Airplane dinner, but not airplane food – 17 November 2011

D put together a wonderful dinner for our flight. We had an Acme Long Italian loaf last night, and the remainder was left for this dinner. D bought more of that cheese that has espresso pressed into the surface – … Continue reading

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Pub dinner at home – 5 April 2011

I left work after 7:20 and arrived home before D, so I thought dinner (he’s cooking) would be rather late. He had a plan, however, and it was a really fun and yummy dinner. He cut chunks of a cheese … Continue reading

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Omelette with chives, and a Grocery Outlet wine tasting – 21 March 2011

D was late anyway, and called to say he was going to Grocery Outlet to pick up an Eric Stauffenegger wine that R had found there yesterday. It was a white Burgundy, so D thought he’d make an omelette to … Continue reading

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Bread, cheese, and apples at Summitt – 3 March 2011

Well, this was not what we’d planned. But R suddenly had to have surgery at 6pm (we assumed they’d say “ok, tomorrow morning”), so D and I had dinner in the family room at Summitt, a very nice room in … Continue reading

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Luxury cheese and bread to compensate for the City Council meeting – 22 February 2011

Well, the cheese and the baguette were superior. The City Council meeting was a headache, mostly b/c it is obvious the decision has already been made and we are just testifying so they can’t say we didn’t. Last Saturday when … Continue reading

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Brie and bread before the City Council meeting – 8 February 2011

D got this dinner together before the City Council meeting, while I wrote a 90th birthday card to my uncle. Then we spent about 3 hours listening, and also speaking, at City Council. Love-hate – it’s a major pain to … Continue reading

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