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Easter dinner from La Cucina Italiana: Squab, fried, breaded brie, kale – 16 April 2017

This was an interesting but only partially successful meal, mostly from La Cucina Italiana‘s Pasqua edition for this year (which I picked up on Wednesday, just before our dinner to discuss what to cook for Easter). We started out trying … Continue reading

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Deviled chicken thighs; basmati rice; zucchini; fresh tomatoes – 18 September 2012

I was trying to figure out what dinner to cook to have with bread. Then we didn’t end up having bread, except the tiniest little thin slice. But dinner was good. Deviled chicken thighs is a recipe from Marian Burros’ … Continue reading

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Chicken over rice and avocado, with piquillo peppers – 12 April 2012

What an interestingly different dinner! D had an avocado – one of those lightish green, smooth ones, not a Haas – that he wanted to use, and also some of the best parts of the roast chicken from Saturday night. … Continue reading

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Rice with chicken, black beans, and peppers; spinach – 11 April 2012

D had dinner almost done by the time I got home at quarter to eight. It smelled good 🙂 He cooked basmati rice, and added canned black beans, some more of the roast chicken, and slices of piquillo peppers from … Continue reading

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Roast chicken with root veggies; rice cooked in stock – 7 April 2012

For Saturday night, D roasted a Halal chicken (lowest priced one he was confident was healthful) with sage outside and rosemary inside, cooked on a bed of root veggies – turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, fennel, and celery root. I helped cut … Continue reading

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Grilled pork tenderloin; pilaf; kale with pancetta – 15 January 2012

R was over for dinner and to look at old family slides. D and I and gone to Costco in the morning and bought pork tenderloins, and I grilled one of those for dinner. Looking for instructions on the grilling … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Khoresh and chard for New Year’s day dinner; also a terrific lunch – 1 January 2012

Well, I said this year I would not worry about sticking to a strict format, and also would not worry about sticking strictly to dinner. Good thing, since lunch was really delicious and interesting. I’ll get to that below dinner, … Continue reading

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Grilled swordfish; citrus/avocado salad; rice; and a great wine match – 30 December 2011

I cooked a recipe/meal from a cookbook from Tsunami in Memphis, given to us by R&E. I had cooked this before. When our friend V gave D several perfectly ripe avocados, I decided to use one in this meal. Good … Continue reading

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5 December 2010 – Tagine of lima beans, olives, and cherry tomatoes; pilaf

Walking home from the Kermit Lynch Beaujolais Nouveau party the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we stopped, as we usually do, at The Spanish Table. I found (as I usually do 😉 ) something I wanted to buy – this time a … Continue reading

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