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“Three Sisters” grilled vegetable salad with cranberry beans, from Mitsitam – 1 July 2017

D suddenly got out a couple of cookbooks the other day b/c he wanted to explore some new recipes. One was the Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook from the National Museum of the American Indian. This is the first new recipe he’s … Continue reading

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Leftover polenta with sauteed greens and peppers – 3 June 2017

We kept these excellent leftovers to have tonight b/c we thought it likely we wouldn’t want a big dinner. We were right. After making this original dinner on the 31st, I spread the leftover polenta in a small, lightly oiled … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with re-refurbished sauce – 9 April 2017

I didn’t get the sourdough recipe started yesterday (or today, for that matter) so no pizza tonight. With D and me doing our taxes and taking a workout walk (mild – D’s foot still hurts if he walks too fast) … Continue reading

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Rex Sole with fresh salsa and rice – 7 April 2011

D stopped at the Bowl on the way home and bought some wild caught Rex Sole that was on sale. He had made a large vat of fresh salsa yesterday, and cooked the fish with that (started the fish sauteeing, … Continue reading

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Pub dinner at home – 5 April 2011

I left work after 7:20 and arrived home before D, so I thought dinner (he’s cooking) would be rather late. He had a plan, however, and it was a really fun and yummy dinner. He cut chunks of a cheese … Continue reading

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18 November 2010 – Hamburgers and refried potatoes with parsley

D was tired and without any ideas this evening, and I thought we were going to go out to Your Place Thai Cuisine on University, but he came home with some long sandwich rolls that would serve for hamburger rolls, … Continue reading

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29 April 2010 – Philly Cheesesteak; broccoli

D made Philly cheesesteak again, with beef chunks, this time a green pepper (instead of yellow or orange), onions, and jarred jalapeno slices (a necessity for the correct taste, we have found). It was tasty, but not as convincing tasting … Continue reading

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