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Potatoes, chorizo and eggs with peas; tangerines – 21 January 2015

D and I spoke less than an hour before dinner, and we were going to talk about what to have for dinner when he got home. I stepped out of the shower to find him with a pan on the … Continue reading

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Common Grill Black Bean Soup; Brussels sprouts – 18 December 2014

This hearty soup is from a restaurant in Michigan. Our friends from East Lansing sent us the cookbook, which we enjoy.  Here is my version of the soup, with original in brackets if it differs. Pick over and wash 1 … Continue reading

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Nachos with black beans and salsa – 11 Sept 2014

I brought home excellent leftover salsa and some black beans from an event at work, and we made nachos with them, using up our Costco $3 mega-bag of tortilla chips. The chips were a bit under the weather, and I … Continue reading

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Catfish with rub; rices and beans; green beans – 22 January 2014

So, is this “All fish, all the time”? I came home and asked D that question but he said this is the last fish of the series. It was delicious, so we are discussing in future cooking more fish than … Continue reading

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Ploughman’s lunch for dinner – 9 February 2012

D walked in the door and proclaimed it was time for dinner. (Actually, then he allowed as how it might be a minute or two more…) He had bought an Acme sourdough baguette at the Bowl, and a jar of … Continue reading

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