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Eggplant “sandwiches” where the eggplant is the bread; leftover black rice with onions – 29 March 2014

Had a hard time deciding on dinner, partly b/c the ones that made sense required a trip to the Bowl, which is not advisable on weekends. But I did it. Went to the deli, took a number (81 – they … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken thighs with oregano pesto; black rice; salad – 17 March 2014

D was weeding yesterday and accidentally pulled up a huge pile of Greek oregano. R said he should look for our pesto book, which D did not remember having (it had belonged to his late aunt, E).¬† I found the … Continue reading

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Chorizo; rices and beans; Brussels sprouts – 23 January 2014

D had dinner waiting on the stove for me to arrive home, which I did about quarter to 8. Sorry about that. He cooked up the single Christopher Lee Chorizo sausage we had in the freezer, reheated some of the … Continue reading

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Catfish with rub; rices and beans; green beans – 22 January 2014

So, is this “All fish, all the time”? I came home and asked D that question but he said this is the last fish of the series. It was delicious, so we are discussing in future cooking more fish than … Continue reading

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Dover Sole with rice and mysterious things – 21 January 2014

D cooked for a second night. I got home about 7:15 and smelled fish – hoping it was new fish, and that the house did not still smell of fish from last night! But yes, it was new fish. It … Continue reading

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Chicken Saltimbocca; black rice; broccoli; fresh tomatoes – 1 October (already??) 2013

We went to Costco on Sunday and bought, among very¬† many other things, chicken breasts. This, and the fact that I left some prosciutto led D to think of cooking Chicken Saltimbocca, a recipe that he found, ironically, in Chez … Continue reading

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Pork chops with mustard sauce; apples with shallots; black rice – 27 July 2013

D decided it was time for our Christmas in July dinner, so he pulled a Costco boneless pork loin chop out of the freezer and figured out a great dinner to make out of it. He cut the thick chop … Continue reading

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