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“Cheese foccacia”; mixed, sauteed greens – 3 January 2018

Went to the p.o and found NO MAIL after not going since the 27th. Could this be true? I went to the Bowl late, not just when they reopened, to get bananas for breakfast, mostly, but then I also decided … Continue reading

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Lamb tagine with aprocots and prunes; sautee mix with red-dyed garlic – 21 December 2011

This was the second real success from my tagine book. More than half have been uninteresting, but this was quite good. Lamb chunks are cooked with onion and garlic and also blanched almonds and a bunch of good-smelling spices; then … Continue reading

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Pasta with chicken, capers, lemon, and parsley; braised greens – 20 December 2011

D suggested this use for the remaining, hard-to-use bits from the chicken. Great idea! I heated the chicken bits in olive oil, and added some lemon juice (we decided some zest would have been a good addition to spike up … Continue reading

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Toulouse sausages; mashed root vegetables; garbanzos with mixed greens; fresh tomatoes – 8 November 2011

D came home after 7 and cooked a nice, and different, dinner, using things form the freezer and others fresh from the farmers’ market today. He defrosted the last two Toulouse sausages that we made with R and our friends … Continue reading

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Pseudo-cassoulet; braised mixed greens – 25 June 2011

D and I cooked this one together, though for the main dish, we were mostly using his ideas. It was time for a Christmas (a dinner worthy of his personally chosen ‘wine-of-the-month’ gift to me), and he wanted to pull … Continue reading

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