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Chicken with tarragon/vinegar onion sauce; rice; green beans – 11 June 2017

Hello computer. When E & I went to Costco, I bought a pack of chicken breast “fillets” – which turns out to mean no tenders included – and D and I decided to leave one of the packets in the … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato-hamburger sauce; steamed baby zucchini – 25 July 2014

D found a bag of discounted tomatoes at the Bowl, and made a sauce out of them. He sent me this photo while I was at work. Isn’t it beautiful!?! The basic sugo was onions, tomatoes, parsley seeds, oregano, thyme … Continue reading

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Boeuf Bourguinon; Romano beans – 7 September 2013

When last night’s intended bottle of Savigny-les-Beaune turned out to be corked,I suggested we use it in a beef stew, and then settled on EB’s recipe for Boeuf Bourguinon. The recipe I copied says it’s originally from The Flavor of … Continue reading

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1 April 2010 – Spaghetti before the Symphony

Catchup – written 10 April D cooked this dinner for R, our wondrous neighbor T, and me before the Berkeley Symphony’s final concert of the season. He made a pretty standard pasta sauce – with hamburger, even! The salad was … Continue reading

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5 March 2010 – Pizza with artichokes, arugula, fresh mozz… all kinds of stuff!

This pizza violates a cardinal rule – don’t use too many ingredients – and gets away with it. It’s from The Edible Italian Garden, a most excellent gift from the in-laws awhile ago. From the crust (pre-cooked 1 1/2 minutes) … Continue reading

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