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Fettucine with grilled radicchio and endive, toasted walnuts, and gorgonzola dolce – 5 February 2019

D had said we had Roquefort to use up, and I didn’t check on that, but planned this dinner for the purpose. When I went to get it out of the fridge (at 6:15) it was not Roquefort at all, … Continue reading

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Grilled salmon; grilled zucchini, leftover rice with sweet white onions – 6 February 2018

I’m trying to choose dinners to use the wines we got recently – either tasters or testers – from Wine Mine or Costco. Obviously, no tasters from Costco – but this was one we tasted at Wine Mine. I liked … Continue reading

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Ham, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts – 20 December 2014

D cooked a simple but fine meal, while I prepared to travel to Mom’s for Christmas. He sliced thin slices off the ham I bought for the black bean soup, and fried that with herbs, but alas, I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Tuna confit sandwiches on Acme rolls; arugula salad; mushrooms with rosemary – 16 July 2011

This was take-out with flair 🙂 We couldn’t go to the Kermit Lynch/Cafe Fanny/Acme Bread Bastille Day party for lunch, but I realized I could get the food and the wine before the event ended, and serve it for dinner, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Tunisia and Egypt at Mezze – 14 March 2011

We got an email from Mezze saying there would be an Egyptian/Tunisian special menu to celebrate the changes in those countries. The menu sounded terrific, so we went on the first day. We took R with us, and we carefully … Continue reading

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