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Mystery Freezer Stuff with added sausage – 13 November 2018

Since I was going to a 3:30 seminar and coming home on the bus, we decided it would be a good idea to see if there was something in the freezer that wanted eating, rather than counting on me to … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken thighs; grilled nopales; leftover rice with onions and parsley – 22 June 2017

D wanted to grill up another paddle from the three-pak of nopales I bought last week at the Bowl. What meat would you want to go with it, he asked. Beef, I thought, but there is no beef in the … Continue reading

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Broccoli calzoni – 2 February 2017

Brother B really liked these calzoni when I made them on a previous visit, so I went for it right away this time. I followed what I did last time. I forgot the recipe had parmaggiano in it and didn’t … Continue reading

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24 July 2010 – A very merry (and tasty!) unbirthday… to me!

My birthday (trad.) is right before Christmas, and as an adult I have found that that timing is oppressive not only for people trying to buy me presents, but even for me, myself. Oh yikes, I have to make time … Continue reading

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11 May 2010 – Insta-pizza with Wells sauce and pesto

We were running out of bread, and it was getting rather dry anyway, so this potential pasta sauce turned into an insta-pizza instead. The “insta-pizza” uses a quick-crust recipe, half whole wheat, from Patricia Wells’ 2008-ish cookbook “Vegetables at the … Continue reading

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10 May 2010 – Grilled eggplant sandwiches with aioli; sorrel soup

On Friday I grilled eggplant for a pizza, but held back four slices for these favorite sandwiches. It was rainy and coldish out, so I decided we also needed something warm, and I made sorrel soup with potatoes. Both recipes … Continue reading

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1 January 2010 – Lamb Merlot, cannellini, greens

Well, what a way to start! This is an unusual dinner for us for at least two reasons. One, meat was the center of the meal, and two, we had a sweet dessert. It was a major holiday dinner, but … Continue reading

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