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Calabrian Pizza from Rotten City – 16 May 2011

We’re having a big cleanup/renovate week, with R helping me and D painting the kitchen, so D suggested we just plan on someone else cooking for us. R is a big fan of Emeryville’s Rotten City Pizza (named after its … Continue reading

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Chevre with tomato sauce and herbs; napa cabbage – 19 March 2011

Continuing with the theme of “B cannot bite into things using incisors,” I have made an old favorite Patricia Wells dish, which, not incidentally, uses up the Laura Chenel goat cheese log while it is still good. I asked D … Continue reading

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Spaghetti al Cacio e Pepe (with Pecorino and Pepper); salad with avocado; sugar snap peas – 15 January 2011

D came up with this out of nowhere. Or actually, out of Patricia Wells’ “Trattoria” and a fridge and pantry with good staples in them. Tough meal 😉 Cook the spaghetti, and warm a mixing bowl and all the serving … Continue reading

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10 December 2010 – Pizza with olive tapenade, potato, roasted red pepper, fontina, and rosemary

Did this pizza awhile back when we had olives to use up. What a find! Instead, this time I had to buy olives for the pizza. The Cheese Board was out of Gaeta, so I got Nicoise, which make a … Continue reading

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