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Caprese – 21 August 2013

I made a Caprese, using Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, and Gustosella mozzarella di bufala from The Cheese Board. I bought those yesterday, and also the basil (organic, it seems) from Berkeley Bowl. The capers and the Costco … Continue reading

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Caprese; grilled zucchini with basil; carrot – 6 August 2013

SUMMER! It’s officially summer when Dirty Girl Produce brings their dry-farmed early girls to the farmers’ market 🙂 Today was the first day. I had planned, if the tomatoes were there, to make a tomato tart, but I got home … Continue reading

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Small plates – 15 July 2013

I had a bunch of things to use up, and some other things I was able to get only in small quantity, so this led to small plates making up the meal. On Saturday I went to The Cheese Board and … Continue reading

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Fettucine with cannellini and arugula; caprese – 14 August 2012

Another in a series of meals designed to use up a pound of arugula! The Pasta Bible has a cannellini and arugula pasta, and this is largely but not completely based on that. It was ok but not great, which … Continue reading

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Linguine with shell beans; caprese – 8 October 2011

D knew in advance what he was going to cook for a change 🙂 He had cooked a batch of cranberry beans yesterday in some lamb broth I made earlier, adding sage and rosemary from the garden. He mashed some … Continue reading

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17 October 2010 – Invented soup and caprese for the first day of winter

We had planned to have the other Gustosella buffalo mozzarella for lunch in a caprese, but with the cold, rainy weather we decided on something warmer – grilled cheese (Comte) sandwiches with thin-sliced padron peppers in them, and reheated roasted … Continue reading

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13 October 2010 – Caprese before the Planning Commission meeting

The last Planning Commission meeting on the West Berkeley Project tonight. We had to attend, at least to witness, though not to speak this time. It was a pretty miserable experience, seeing pretty much everything we argued for be ignored … Continue reading

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10 September 2010 – Caprese salad; hard sausage, olives, and carrot

Still wallowing in the fact that we can get our favorite Dirty Girl Farm dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes. I got to go to Cheese Board for a change, and bought Gustosella mozzarella di bufalo, which is The. Best. I got … Continue reading

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1 September 2010 – Caprese

I had gotten Dirty Girl dry farmed tomatoes again at the Derby market, and indulged in a Caprese. I took over cooking rather prematurely (still in a crusher stage of the semester) because D&R were packing a truck for their … Continue reading

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15 August 2010 – Caprese pizza; rainbow chard stems

Well, I didn’t treat this pizza dough properly, but it turned out fine. Odd, but fine. I didn’t take proper care to keep the dough from drying while it defrosted and started to rise, so it had a crust on … Continue reading

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18 July 2010 – Caprese salad; defrosted leftover foccacia

At Costco last week, we bought at least six different kinds of cheeses, which, in addition to those already in the fridge, left us with a heavy-duty commitment to eat a lot of cheese in the near future. Hard work, … Continue reading

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