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10 September 2010 – Caprese salad; hard sausage, olives, and carrot

Still wallowing in the fact that we can get our favorite Dirty Girl Farm dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes. I got to go to Cheese Board for a change, and bought Gustosella mozzarella di bufalo, which is The. Best. I got … Continue reading

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1 July 2010 – Pasta with mushrooms, toasted pine nuts, parsley, and Romano; cold veggies

This is probably D’s signature dish. He sautees mushrooms and pinenuts, and then adds parsley, and tosses cooked spaghetti with the mix. He uses a potato peeler to make ultra-thin slices of Romano for over the top. It’s great! Another … Continue reading

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10 February 2010 – Veggies and raspberries?

Obviously, this is somewhat facetious, but it really is all I had to eat after I got home. There was an event at work at which there was lots of finger food, including hummus, and I cannot resist hummus. Also … Continue reading

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