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Leftover Beef kebabs and couscous; green beans – 5 November 2018

We were all too busy – notably R was too busy – to consider R’s birthday, which is today. Filling this in on the 6th of December from photos and memory. I do remember 1) the kebab leftovers from the … Continue reading

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Two kinds of sausage; tabbouleh; red shishito; chard stems – 10 September 2018

D suggested we serve [some of] the rest of last night’s tabbouleh alongside some sausages. I’m always in favor of sausages, so great by me. I looked in the freezer and found two sausages we had traded R&E for, giving … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita – 15 January 2016

When we were visiting Mom, D went shopping and bought two mozzarella frescas instead of one fresca and a part-skim. So there was an 8 oz ball of fresh mozz that needed eating. I brought it home with me on … Continue reading

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28 December 2010 – Leftover turkey pot pie and green beans with almonds; cole slaw

D&R took off this morning, so there are just three of us for dinner now. We ate up a bunch of the remaining pot pie – reheated a half hour at 350, which was not enough, and added 10 mins … Continue reading

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26 December 2010 – Turkey over mashed potatoes and bread, with gravy; fresh broccoli; cole slaw

Classic leftovers – excellent slices of turkey still available – heated in a pan with I think butter, placed over fresh mashed potatoes, that over bread (sourdough from Safeway) all topped with the remaining gravy, thinned with a bit of … Continue reading

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23 December 2010 – Pseudo-lasagna; corn; cole slaw

Mom found this version of lasagna that is very easy to make, because you don’t have to cook the wide noodles or arrange it in layers. OK, so it’s not really lasagna. But it’s pretty good 🙂 We had canned … Continue reading

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6 June 2010 – Last of the pot roast

(Written 14 June) This was my last dinner at Mom’s before leaving the next afternoon. We had pretty much the last of the pot roast, with mixed vegetables and rice – I think it was brown rice, actually. I had … Continue reading

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1 June 2010 – Pork cooked in soup, mashed potatoes, corn, cole slaw, cinnamon applesauce

(Written 14 June) Still at Mom’s. She cooked some pork chops in soup for a long time, and served them over mashed potatoes. A good taste. Canned corn for veggie, cole slaw b/c around here it is now mandatory, and … Continue reading

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