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Random punted dinner after City Arts & Lectures – 17 May 2017

My friend and former student E invited me this morning to attend a City Arts & Lectures presentation this evening. My first reaction, having my mind all made up about dinner & such, was “no, can’t” but really – what … Continue reading

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Seashell macaroni and cheese; broccoli – 2 January 2016

Last dinner at Mom’s before I return home, and we sort of punted it. Was thinking of macaroni and cheese – a favorite with Mom and veggie-bro B – but no macaroni. And also, only a bit of the mild … Continue reading

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Most excellent leftovers – 18 January 2015

Well, for a day full of leftovers, this post sure has a lot of pictures! I’m composing this 20150616 b/c I didn’t create a draft back in January, but I remember enough (prodded by photos) to sort it out. Clearly, … Continue reading

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Leftover scallion soup and cold veggies before the symphony – 15 January 2015

I’m writing this 20150615 based on photos, but the surrounding pictures tell me exactly what dinner was. We went to the symphony, and in our usual manner, all had dinner together before departing. D prepared it, just leftover scallion soup, … Continue reading

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Omelette; frozen peas; cauliflower in two colors – 21 November 2014

I evidently completely failed to write anything down about this dinner. Clearly an omelette, and clearly D made it. I remember him wanting to use up the peas in the freezer, and almost tossing them b/c the package smelled freezery, … Continue reading

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(Un)birthday dinner for R from La Cucina Italiana – 9 November 2014

Since R’s birthday fell on a weekday, we decided to celebrate with dinner on the weekend instead. He had been eying two recipes from a copy of La Cucina Italiana that he had borrowed from D. D and I braved … Continue reading

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Cheese, bread, and cold veggies before the symphony – 2 October 2014

We had tickets to the Berkeley Symphony, and of course had only a short time for dinner after work. D decided we should use up all the little bits of leftover cheese in the fridge. One was a sweet gorgonzola, … Continue reading

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Tuna sandwiches; broccoli; spinach and feta salad – 10 June 2014

I had extravagant plans for a tagine tonight, but the leftover tuna (1/2 can – something like 3.5 oz) needed eating, and D had some haricots for one of his great pastas, so he pointed out that we could put … Continue reading

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30 January 2010 – Foccacia and cheeses; brussels sprouts with bacon

Well, I forgot to start the bread last night, so I either had to start it with extra yeast early this morning, or buy bread, or do something else. The “something else” was to make a foccacia, which I don’t … Continue reading

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