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Collard greens “Miniera” with Spanish chorizo; semolina with bay – 25 January 2015

There is no contemporary draft for this dinner (or lunch) but it’s really clear from (a larger version of) the photo what we had. [Writing this 20150618.] Collard greens, stemmed, then tightly rolled up and cut crosswise into a 1/4″ … Continue reading

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Special family dinner: pasta with chanterelles and truffled cream; “long-cooked kale, please” – 6 January 2015

D&R&I are having one last cook as our “little family.” We had a great time and cooked some excellent dishes, although we agreed that they didn’t go that well together. The first chosen was a pasta from Saveur, called Tagliatelle … Continue reading

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9 July 2010 – Porcini in smoked mozzarella custard; salad

Wow, was this a successful experiment! The background is that, many years ago, ‘a Firenze,’ I ordered a dish for lunch that was tremendously good, but I have not been able to replicate it. It consisted of porcini in melted … Continue reading

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28 April 2010 – D’s birthday dinner – Pasta with haricots and olive tapenade

This is on hold till I have time to bring up more of the pictures – especially of dessert! But the major point was to have the Le Paradou Cotes du Luberon. Amazing wine.

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20 February 2010 – Scaloppini of pork with pancetta and sage

This was a recipe I found in the Contra Costa Times when Nicholas Boer was the food editor. It’s extremely thin-sliced pork, pancetta, a few sage leaves, cooked with garlic, vin santo or marsala, and some pork sugo. It’s supposed … Continue reading

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14 February 2010 – Pizza with tomatoes, basil, and asiago

This was based on a photograph in the Cheese Board cookbook of a pizza offering sign on the wall of the CB. Roma tomatoes, basil, parmesan, mozzarella, asiago, onions… but of course, it’s an ad, not a recipe, so it … Continue reading

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13 February 2010 – Pizza with chard and goat cheese

Well, I still had some goat cheese left, so I decided to have this pizza again. It’s from epicurious.com. The secret ingredient is olive oil that sits for an hour with minced garlic and red pepper flakes in it, and … Continue reading

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5 February 2010 – Pasta with olive tapenade and haricots verts

This is one of D’s specialties, and he was planning to make it last night, but had to work too late. It’s from an early Chez Panisse book, Pasta, Pizza, and Calzone. The tapenade consists of gaeta olives (from Cheese … Continue reading

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8 January 2010 – Eggplant Lasagna

Friday night’s dinner has to go well with a good red wine. This one made a bunch of leftovers, too, for lunches at home and at work. The recipe is from good ol’ California Fresh, our first “gourmet” cookbook, from … Continue reading

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