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Lemon-herb Beef Kebabs with Couscous Salad; green beans – 3 November 2018

Filling in 6 Dec, and I don’t remember why we had this dish in particular. It tends to be, in previous posts, to have with special wines that we have bought or been given. Too lazy to look back at … Continue reading

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Lemon kefta tagine; couscous – 19 December 2015

I’d been wanting to make this tagine again for awhile – in fact, wanted to make it all last winter but couldn’t find the cookbook (which appeared back on the shelf… just missing it? It’s thin…). So when R&E donated … Continue reading

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Beef, red pepper, and onion kebabs; couscous with currants; Romano beans – 5 October 2013

We met a winemaker at Costco who was talking about his wine, encouraging people to try it. Though we don’t often have meals that go with California cabernets, we decided to try a bottle of this wine – Silver Stag … Continue reading

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Italian sausage; couscous; cranberry beans – 7 June 2014

I intended to make a broiled pizza tonight, but when I got home, it was obvious the dough had not risen enough. I looked in the fridge and noticed we still had cranberry beans from when I cooked them earlier … Continue reading

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Tilapia fillet cooked in salsa – 2 June 2013

Writing this 4 July, from the photos and a pretty good memory… We had some of D’s fresh salsa left over – no doubt from nachos for a previous day’s lunch – and I wanted to cook fish, and also … Continue reading

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Marinated beef kebabs with red pepper and onion; couscous with raisins; baby bok choi – 1 June 2013

I decided on this dish to have with a wine gift I had received. This is from Weber’s Big Book of Grilling (the red one), and is officially called Lemon-Herb Beef Kabobs with Couscous Salad. For 1 1/2 lb sirloin … Continue reading

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Tagine of spicy kefta with lemon; salad of baby lettuces – 7 June 2012

I had this sudden realization of what I could do with the remaining cilantro, left over from the zucchini and feta pizza. I made this tagine once before, and we all loved it. It’s from “Tagine – Spicy stews from … Continue reading

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Leftover skirt steak with cilantro sauce and couscous; haricots with onions – 3 August 2011

We had three chunks of skirt steak left over from Saturday night (the 30th), and couscous from one dinner and lunch today (both for the lamb kefta), and I put them together for dinner. I reheated the beef by simply … Continue reading

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Tagine of lamb kefta with lemon sauce; cold veggies – 1 August 2011

I actually USED UP a tin of turmeric. OK, I bought it 20 years ago. 30? At the Coop, which has not existed for a decade or more. But I actually did use it up! And the meal was terrific! … Continue reading

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Leftover eggplant tagine, this time with couscous – 21 July 2011

Leftovers sure make an easy dinner. I went in to work today and came home about 5, and had a couple of hours to work around the house before I had to start dinner. I just reheated the eggplant tagine … Continue reading

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25 July 2010 – Leftover unbirthday beef and couscous; red pepper sauce; green beans

D cooked up dinner on short notice, but the leftovers were great! He actually stacked everything up in the microwave: the leftover couscous in one container, the leftover 5 beef chunks with red pepper and onion squares in a second, … Continue reading

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24 July 2010 – A very merry (and tasty!) unbirthday… to me!

My birthday (trad.) is right before Christmas, and as an adult I have found that that timing is oppressive not only for people trying to buy me presents, but even for me, myself. Oh yikes, I have to make time … Continue reading

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