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Grilled chicken thighs; endive with milk-soaked croutons; semolina with bay – 11 March 2018

This came about when trying to come up with a main dish to have with braised endive with milk-soaked croutons (from ‘ino). Which got onto the agenda when I foolishly left out two “seeds” from the Acme Pain Epis after … Continue reading

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Chili-rubbed capon roasted with carrots; Chile Colorado; kale with cilantro and white onions; gratin potatoes with roasted poblanos – 25 December 2017

We’ve done this dinner before, more than once. It’s from Gourmet Dec 2000. By Friday we had not taken time to discuss what to cook, and finally I said to R why don’t we just re-run the capon dinner? My … Continue reading

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Salad of fresh veggies – 10 September 2013

D made a nice salad for dinner. Nothing particularly unusual, just really tasty. He started with a bed of romaine. He added slices of carrots and radishes from the farmers’ market, wedges of tomatoes from Dirty Girl Produce, also from … Continue reading

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Grilled salmon; wilted endive and milk-soaked croutons – 29 May 2013

Well, this turned out even better than I’d hoped! I had wanted to make a “salad” D had made from “Simple Italian Snacks” from the restaurant ‘ino in NYC. I loved this when D made it over a year ago. … Continue reading

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Ravioli with radicchio and mascarpone; endive and milk-soaked croutons – 31 December 2011

D, R, and I had an excellent New Year’s Eve dinner. I needed to use up some mascarpone from Christmas dinner, and tried searching “mascarpone pasta” on epicurious, and this is what I came up with. The other dish was … Continue reading

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Scallion soup; endive and crouton salad – 29 December 2011

I changed this dinner just before I went off to shop. It was going to be more difficult (satay) and would not have gone together well. D wanted to use up the cut-off parts of the Pain de Mie (breakfast … Continue reading

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Eggs baked in tomato sauce, with milk-soaked croutons – 6 December 2011

Wow, this was excellent, and really interesting. Another new recipe from our newest cookbooks from ‘ino in New York. D resurrected the remaining croutons from the 4th, which had been in an airtight (more or less) container with a snap-on … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken thighs; salad with roasted milk-soaked bread and endive; rice – 4 December 2011

D cooking, still, and really enjoying the two new cookbooks from ‘ino in NYC. I am SO behind… but this single post is on time. D grilled some chicken thighs from Costco, with oil, salt, pepper, and sage on them. … Continue reading

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Two cheeses from The Cheese Board; salad of dandelion greens in anchovy dressing with garlic croutons – 2 May 2011

We had planned to eat up the rest of some lovely cheeses that we had for lunch on Sunday, but D also added a very interesting new salad. The picture shows only the salad, which consisted of dandelion greens which … Continue reading

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