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Country sage sausage; tomato panzanella; shishitos – 18 October 2018

I wanted to make this panzanella again, partly b/c it was delicious, and partly b/c I have to write a “leftover bread” post for my favorite not-mine blog two days from now. We more or less used this recipe from … Continue reading

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Cheese “foccacia” with taleggio; salad with farmers’ market tomatoes – 16 October 2017

The Bowl is trying out selling taleggio, and to encourage them to do that, I bought a couple of packages, totaling about half a pound of cheese, thinking to make this “foccacia,” which is not like any foccacia you’d normally … Continue reading

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Cheese Foccacia; roasted Brussels sprouts – 3 January 2014

I don’t recall where the immediate idea came from to make this foccacia again, but I’m glad I did. It’s not something most of us would think of when we hear the word “foccacia.” When working the unyeasted dough, I … Continue reading

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Foccacia with robiola and pate; salad with avocado and olives – 21 April 2013

Addpix I bought Robiola for this dinner a couple of weeks ago, and never found a time to make the foccacia. Finally, we decided on Friday to plan it for tonight. The recipe is from Recipes From Paradise, which is … Continue reading

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Dinner with new friends – 18 August 2011

R’s dear friends J&M invited us to J’s parents’ house in Berkeley. Great meal, even better company – what a wonderful evening! J and her Dad V apparently did most of the cooking. We saw V grilling kefta (lamb with … Continue reading

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12 August 2010 – Eggplant, fresh mozzarella and red pepper puree sandwich on foccacia; chard

Wow, was this a successful experiment 🙂 D and R called to say they would be late setting up for their show, so I was on my own for dinner. I had 1/3 of the second foccacia in the freezer, … Continue reading

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10 August 2010 – Foccacia and cheeses; summer tomatoes; olives

I had planned to use the rest of the grilled eggplant tonight, with a roasted red pepper and the not-really-fresh mozzarella cheese, in a grilled foccacia sandwich. Unfortunately, I ended up waiting forever for assistance at REI (worth waiting for, … Continue reading

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6 August 2010 – Foccacia with scallions; veggie selection

We arranged to put off the bread for another day (it is rising now for tomorrow) so I could make a foccacia. I wanted to make a stab at replicating a fabulous-tasting foccacia we had for breakfast one day in … Continue reading

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19 July 2010 – “Eggplant sandwiches” where the eggplant is the “bread”; grilled leftover foccacia; cold veggies

Well, the Costco Garofalo Buffalo Mozz needed to be eaten by the 21st, so I had to decide between a Caprese pizza, or another kind of pizza with buffalo mozz, or these eggplant things again. For some reason, these appealed … Continue reading

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18 July 2010 – Caprese salad; defrosted leftover foccacia

At Costco last week, we bought at least six different kinds of cheeses, which, in addition to those already in the fridge, left us with a heavy-duty commitment to eat a lot of cheese in the near future. Hard work, … Continue reading

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16 July 2010 – Foccacia with aging cheese; olives; zucchini with dill

I told D we didn’t need bread for Friday’s dinner so then I had to be sure we actually didn’t. Decided to make a foccacia, but ended up making two – or I should say, one in two pieces. We … Continue reading

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11 February 2010 – Cheese and foccacia and pear before the Symphony

I planned this one in advance, in the sense that every time I thought of taking the last of this nice cheese (whose name I didn’t get, but will, from Cheese Board) for lunch, I thought it would be better … Continue reading

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30 January 2010 – Foccacia and cheeses; brussels sprouts with bacon

Well, I forgot to start the bread last night, so I either had to start it with extra yeast early this morning, or buy bread, or do something else. The “something else” was to make a foccacia, which I don’t … Continue reading

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