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Grilled chicken with tarragon; confits of carrots and scallions -12 June 2017

This is from a recipe by Georgeanne Brennan in Potager, one of our most excellent cookbooks. This is what I actually did. Peel and cut up 4 monster carrots (there were leftovers – 3 would do for two people) into … Continue reading

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Potato, Leek and Sorrel Soup – 17 November 2014

D has been thinking of making this soup for awhile. I bought extra leeks for him when I shopped for my last tomato tart of the year, which was I think a couple of weeks ago. He used one of … Continue reading

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Sorrel and leek soup – 16 March 2014

D cooked two dinners tonight and served one. The served one is leek and sorrel soup from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager, one of our favorite cookbooks. The sorrel in the garden was looking enthusiastic, so I suggested it was time for … Continue reading

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Polenta with greens and red peppers; salad with avocados and olives – 21 December 2013

This is a fantastic recipe (one of many) from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager. It makes great leftovers, too (see tomorrow’s lunch!) You make polenta (salted water:polenta = 6:1), stirring frequently over about 40 minutes. You are supposed to add grated white … Continue reading

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21 September 2010 – Grilled chicken with caramelized carrots and scallions

Another great recipe from PotagerĀ  by Georgeanne Brennan. The chicken is grilled; the scalliona and sliced carrots are cooked separately in butter, slowly, until very well done, and the chicken is served over them. IIRC there is tarragon in the … Continue reading

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20 September 2010 – Ratatouille soup

D ventured into the unexplored regions of Potager by Georgeanne Brennan to find this unusual and interesting soup recipe. It looked as though he were cooking a ratatouille, but in the end he blended it into a soup. There is … Continue reading

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10 May 2010 – Grilled eggplant sandwiches with aioli; sorrel soup

On Friday I grilled eggplant for a pizza, but held back four slices for these favorite sandwiches. It was rainy and coldish out, so I decided we also needed something warm, and I made sorrel soup with potatoes. Both recipes … Continue reading

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