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Pizza with potatoes, prosciutto, and caramelized onions; baby bok choi – 11 January 2015

I was looking through my pizza list for a good winter pizza, and came upon the single word “potato.”  I started playing with that idea, and added in the Fontina Valle d’Aosta we had just bought at The Cheese Board, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce; broccoli – 8 December 2012

D cooked since I was busy packing for a trip. He used up a pack of basil that I had bought for the Margherita pizza, and the rest of the lovely broccoli from (I think) Kaki farm, at the Tuesday … Continue reading

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Beef stew; baby bok choy – 3 December 2012

Knowing I’d be at work late, I planned to have leftover beef stew tonight. Which was a good idea. I heated up the stash I’d made for the occasion. I bought five baby bok bhoy heads at the Bowl on … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with lamb – an inside-out ravioli pasta; fresh tomatoes – 24 September 2012

D cooked tonight because I expected I might have to stay late, which indeed turned out to be true. I asked yesterday if he could use the 1/4 lb of ground lamb that I didn’t need for last night’s meatballs, … Continue reading

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Grilled zucchini, eggplant, and red pepper in individual marinades; fresh mozzarella; refried rice – 18 June 2012

The other day I ran across this recipe in my recipe notebook, with a notation “Outstanding”, from 28 July 2011. I bought two small-medium zucchini, a rather fat Japanese eggplant, and a good sized “Holland” red pepper at the Bowl … Continue reading

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Panini; asparagus – 16 May 2012

After D and I visited our neighbor R to discuss neighborhood matters, I made the (fortunately quick and easy) dinner I had planned – a grilled sandwich and steamed asparagus. In the morning, D went to the Bowl and bought … Continue reading

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Black bean and Andouille sausage soup; Brussels sprouts – 1 March 2012

I was going to make this soup last weekend, but it got warm. Fortunately or otherwise, the cold, grey, and rain returned, and I made this soup yesterday afternoon so as to have it for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, I had … Continue reading

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Panini with soppressata, fontina and arugula; chard with garlic – 29 January 2012

I wanted to use some Fontina Valle d’Aosta I had bought at the Cheese Board last week, and this recipe seemed ideal – easy and interesting. I used Fra’ Mani soppressata I got at Berkeley Bowl, and also baby wild … Continue reading

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Grilled swordfish with red pepper aioli; Thai jasmine rice; mashed turnip – 27 January 2012

Well, I have done a pretty lousy job of cooking for myself this week, but I decided to make something really delicious tonight. I was thinking of grilled marinated beef kebabs, but when looking, ran across this recipe and decided … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita; pear salad – 22 January 2012

D was getting ready for a trip, so I took over cooking and made a Pizza Margherita. I went to The Pasta Shop in west Berkeley and bought their fresh mozzarella, which is a tasty cow’s milk mozz. Nice that … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken thighs; Brussels sprouts; rice – 18 January 2012

D defrosted a packet of four chicken thighs from Costco – wondering as he did why we got those with bones and skin (in a rush, first ones we found, didn’t look closely). He grilled these, salted and peppered, “for … Continue reading

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Pizza Margherita – 13 January 2012

We were to be out of bread, so I scheduled a pizza for tonight. D preferenced a Margherita, which was definitely to my liking also. I had to make a new batch of sauce. Here is the recipe I used, … Continue reading

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Riccioli with grilled eggplant, tomatoes, and lots of other stuff; carrots – 12 January 2012

I had a lot of pieces that could have been put together into many different dinners. Finally what decided the matter was D’s leaning toward a Pizza Margherita for tomorrow night, which meant not an eggplant pizza, which left eggplant … Continue reading

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Alpine Spaghetti; Speck – 5 January 2012

I had decided to make the speck recipe we have at l’Osteria del Forno in SF, but I was in a quandary about what to serve along with it. Finally decided a very simple pasta would be ok. Still didn’t … Continue reading

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27 February 2010 – Ravioli with lamb and herbs

The Pasta Bible still has treasures for us to unearth. This was an excellent ravioli, which for some reason we have never made before. You sautee garlic and onion till soft, then add finely chopped lamb and brown, stir in … Continue reading

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