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Flatiron steak from Prather Ranch; kale from the garden; boiled and refried Yukon Gold potatoes – 9 September 2017

D&R were at the market again, which was another opportunity to get Prather Ranch beef. D picked up a flatiron steak before they ran out, and cooked that tonight. He sliced garlic and put it on the steak and left … Continue reading

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Patricia Wells’ chevre with tomato sauce, olives, and herbs; kale from the garden – 1 May 2017

We considered going out to someplace low-key b/c it was our anniversary (and Riva Cucina is not open on Mondays) but finally elected just to have a good (as usual) dinner at home. Working on using up the Costco, 21 … Continue reading

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Easter dinner from La Cucina Italiana: Squab, fried, breaded brie, kale – 16 April 2017

This was an interesting but only partially successful meal, mostly from La Cucina Italiana‘s Pasqua edition for this year (which I picked up on Wednesday, just before our dinner to discuss what to cook for Easter). We started out trying … Continue reading

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Personal Four Cheese pizza; kale – 1 March (ack!) 2017

When I was at Cheese Board yesterday buying a half light-bake pizza for 2 lunches, there was no line and no one waiting, and I strained to think of a cheese I should be buying. Rejected the idea b/c I … Continue reading

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Fettucine with prosciutto, pine nuts, parsley, and lemon; kale – 18 January 2017

This is based on a recipe from Gourmet’s America – IIRC the recipe/photo that convinced me to buy the book, back lo those many years, on the same Costco visit when I bought The Pasta Bible. Woa. This is what … Continue reading

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Cranberry bean and kale soup with anchovy crust – 4 January 2017

It was rainy and miserable looking out, and rather cold (for here) so I wanted to make a soup. Went through my list of soups we have made and D wanted to do this one, despite the difficulty of putting … Continue reading

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Basil omelette; dino kale – 21 December 2016

Simple dinner at Mom’s, cooking for brother B so he gets some days off. I made an omelette with I think (writing the 1st) two eggs, 1/16 tsp salt, some pepper, and quite a bit of the nice fresh basil … Continue reading

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Common Grill Black Bean Soup; kale – 16 January 2016

This is a delicious soup and great for this rainy, cold (California version) weather.  I wrote it up in some detail here. Changes are: I settled on 1Tbsp plus 1 tsp salt, and that was great. Used Niman Ranch applewood … Continue reading

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“Bacon soup”; cheddar and bread – 13 January 2016

D cooked a wonderful, delicious soup, using the stock from cooking the bacon for the French lentil salad the other night. The lentil salad recipe says to keep the liquid in which the bacon slab or pork belly was boiled. … Continue reading

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Brined rosemary pork chops; long-cooked kale – 9 Jan 2016

D was concerned that we had a lot of wines in the cellar that we really should be drinking before they get too old. This is the kind of problem to have 🙂 So he chose one out that really … Continue reading

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Pizza with roasted red peppers, prosciutto, and balsamic onions; kale – 19 January 2015

I’m remembering this, again, based on photos, on 20150616. This is a pizza I found earlier on this blog, here, with all the details and nice pictures. It’s originally from epicurious. I see we had more kale with this – … Continue reading

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Pressed sandwich; greens – 14 January 2015

  No draft for this day, so I am composing on 20150615 based on the photo. Clearly a pressed sandwich, and from looking closely, I think I see ham and a melted cheese. The greens look like… probably kale, possibly … Continue reading

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Special family dinner: pasta with chanterelles and truffled cream; “long-cooked kale, please” – 6 January 2015

D&R&I are having one last cook as our “little family.” We had a great time and cooked some excellent dishes, although we agreed that they didn’t go that well together. The first chosen was a pasta from Saveur, called Tagliatelle … Continue reading

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Pepperoni, potato and kale soup – 11 December 2014

“Biblical rain,” someone called it, so I planned a soup for the rainiest evening. This soup I first made here, and the original is referenced there. I revised it, and will write out the recipe for this more likely version: … Continue reading

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Pork tenderloin ends; kale; potato(es) – 10 November 2014

D cooked up the pork tenderloin ends left over from last night, when we took a tenderloin from 2012 out of the freezer and used the center half or so to supplement the new one we’d bought at the Bowl. … Continue reading

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Pepperoni, kale and potato soup; asparagus – 26 March 2014

Having bought another Molinari pepperoni stick for my pizza Americano the other night, I decided to make this soup again. Differences from the linked recipe: for the stock, I just used one 6-cup can of Swanson’s chicken broth (low salt … Continue reading

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Risotto with taleggio, kale and sweet and sour parsnips – 21 March 2014

D had this planned a long time ago – I think two weeks, when we went to The Cheese Board and bought the taleggio (raw milk version). It’s a recipe from Cucina Italiana (in Italiano) which I buy for him … Continue reading

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Potato, pepperoni, and kale soup – 4 March 2014

I made this soup after a recipe posted online. It was terrific! I minced one fattish clove of garlic and sliced and diced about half a yellow onion, then cooked them in avocado oil on medium or medium low, adding … Continue reading

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Risotto with taleggio, kale and parsnips; avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar – 31 January 2014

D kept telling me he had an idea for tonight. It turned out he had a few, but settled on rerunning the risotto from La Cucina Italiana that we first cooked on New Year’s Day. [H/T to Issues, on Glen … Continue reading

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Risotto with taleggio, kale, and sweet & sour carrots – 24 January 2014

D cooked his own version of a dinner we got recently out of La Cucina Italiana (in Italiano, Dec 2013 edition). He bought taleggio at Berkeley Bowl, and used curly kale from the garden (small, easily-cooked leaves), and white carrots … Continue reading

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Risotto with taleggio, dinosaur kale, and slow-cooked parsnips – 1 January 2014

I spotted this recipe – by its photo, of course – in the 2013 Dicembre edition of La Cucina Italiana, which I get for D. This is the Italian version, which not only is in Italiano, but also has different recipes … Continue reading

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Lamb chops with “Lamb Merlot” marinade; kale with bacon; cannellini beans – 25 December 2013

Normally we would have a big feast that requires multiple cooks on Christmas, but with the guys engaged in a construction project-with-deadline, I was pretty much it till dark, so D and I settled on a fairly simple meal to … Continue reading

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Sausage sandwich; kale – 9 May 2013

Addpix I knew D would not be home for dinner, so I was on my own. I decided to cook up a sausage from Christopher Lee, and make a sandwich of it. I knew there was no fresh bread, but … Continue reading

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Breakfast for dinner: chorizo, scrambled eggs, and kale – 23 April 2013

I wanted to try out the Chorizo (Spanish style) I got from Christopher Lee last weekend, and also I didn’t have much time to invest in dinner. I decided what the heck, just make breakfast instead. I cooked one Chorizo … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce with sausage; kale – 16 April 2013

Addpix I realized this morning that I had not frozen the last Italian sausage from Christopher Lee, so I decided just to cook it tonight. I ran through a bunch of options, but at D’s suggestion, I ended up skinning … Continue reading

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