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Last of the split pea soup with ham; salad from work bounty – 25 November 2014

Watching student presentations, and had some fairly dreadful pizza in the late afternoon. Then got to take home leftover salad package, with some pretty good white dressing. The salad was fresh and crisp, and had ham and what was probably … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and mushrooms – 1 October 2014

I’m adding photos into drafted-but-not-posted entries here, but unfortunately, this one I didn’t write up at the time. Clearly looks like a fresh tomato sauce D made (undoubtedly D made this) with mushrooms, and finely grated cheese – likely parmaggiano, … Continue reading

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Cheese Board pizza; salad with tomatoes and avocado – 27 July 2014

Great dinner, despite being take-out. As D points out, here is quite a good place to do take-out. We had pizza for lunch and dinner today – for dinner, the pizza I had leftover from yesterday’s lunch, when I bought … Continue reading

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Pork chops with herbs; savory apple (un)compote; potatoes with parsley – 16 July 2014

We loved the apple thingy D made last night, and so D decided to try another tonight with pork chops. He used the good parts of two dropped apples, cutting off the bruises incurred by falling. I found out that … Continue reading

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Ham shavings; apples with onions; potatoes – 14 July 2014

D had this in mind, and I was not sure what he was thinking of. It really turned out great. He took out an end of frozen ham and left it for just a half hour or so, and then, … Continue reading

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Pepperoni, kale and potato soup; asparagus – 26 March 2014

Having bought another Molinari pepperoni stick for my pizza Americano the other night, I decided to make this soup again. Differences from the linked recipe: for the stock, I just used one 6-cup can of Swanson’s chicken broth (low salt … Continue reading

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