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Spaghetti with Hen-of-the-woods bases; grilled eggplant in basil and garlic marinade – 7 July 2014

D and I are still sick, with sore throats. Lots of mint tea with honey and lemon (a cool, round-leafed mint from the back yard – spearmint?). We have foods in the fridge that want eating, so we made up … Continue reading

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Linguine with tomato sauce and goat cheese; broccoli; lettuce and carrot – 26 May 2014

Still at Mom’s, but this time I’m cooking my food – after a fashion. I have no garlic, for example, and what herbs I want I have to buy in plastic containers instead of running out to the garden (wrong … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce; cranberry beans – 2 September 2013

D made a sauce using a bag of Romas from the bargain veggies shelf at the Bowl. I’m writing this the 7th, so do not remember if this was the first iteration, but I think so. There are mushrooms in … Continue reading

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Porcini in scamorze; haricots with cippolini – 7 August 2011

I found porcini at the Bowl on Friday and called D to see if he would like them for his Sunday dinner. He said yes, so I bought them, and also cream, so he could make this dish. He pointed … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce; chard from the garden – 5 July 2011

D put this together after getting home from work, and it was a very good dinner. For the pasta sauce, he cooked olive oil, a can of tomato paste, some oregano from the garden and parsley from the Bowl (shame … Continue reading

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Polenta with sauteed mushrooms; avocado salad – 31 March 2011

The title is a guess, but not a bad one. This post was missing, and when I went to fill it in (this being the 7th of July) I found that my photos ended at 6:23 on the 31st of … Continue reading

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11 July 2010 – Lamburgers in pitas with eggplant slices and yogurt sauce; avocado and olive salad

I decided to mine the Weber grilling books, and what a trove I found! This looked fun… You can’t see inside the pita (which was tossed on the grill at the end for perhaps 1 minute per side) but it … Continue reading

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