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Omelette with tomato-basil sauce and mild cheddar; green beans; pear salad; multi-grain baguette pieces – 29 December 2014

Mom noted that we had about 2 1/2 dozen eggs, and even with using 5 in the poteca we would still have an overstock, so I volunteered to make an omelette for dinner. I mixed three servings separately, one egg … Continue reading

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Tuna patties; zucchini with walnuts and allspice; rice; lettuce and carrots – 25 May 2014

First attempt to find something Mom would be willing to cook (not complicated) and Bro would be happy to eat (no meat, fish ok). I’ve been trying over the phone to talk Mom into making tuna patties for Bro for … Continue reading

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“Catch as catch can” at Mom’s – 24 May 2014

After a couple of outings, and making herself a late snack (more like lunch), Mom thought we should all just grab whatever we wanted for dinner. Of course, she had trouble sticking to that, and we ended up being somewhat … Continue reading

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