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Dinner at Mint Leaf – 24 September 2018

We don’t have anything in the fridge demanding we cook it Now, and I didn’t feel like making pizza dough and either punting from available ingredients or going to the Bowl to get fig piza stuff (maybe tomorrow) so D … Continue reading

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Burrata, marinated red pepper, and a salad of greens at 37,000 feet – 5 April 2017

I looked online to find appealing places to grab dinner on my way out through BWI, and discovered a Vino Volo on the A concourse. I barely had time to get down there and then to my gate at the … Continue reading

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Linguine with leftover pork, sage, and orange slices; cold veggies – 20 April 2011

D used up the rest of a previously-cooked pork chop (he used some for lunch for himself and R) that was actually half of a thick Costco chop, which he cooked a couple of days ago. He originally added thin … Continue reading

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15 November 2010 – Hippie dinner! Farro with many veggies

D took the farro that we cooked for lunch (I think) awhile back and added a bunch of veggies to it to make a tasty and very healthful dinner. He sauteed some onions and added them. He used the last … Continue reading

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7 August 2010 – Lamb chops and eggplant salad with balsamic vinaigrette; wine to die for

I found this recipe in Weber’s Big Book of Grilling. Their meat recipes are great, but their sides are often positively inspired. In this case, you start with a balsamic vinaigrette; you marinate the chops in it; you brush the … Continue reading

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20 June 2010 – Pasta with homemade sausage, pea pods, and red peppers

This is an old favorite from California Fresh, that I have not made for years. A tomato sauce is made with canned tomatoes, garlic, oregano and parsley, and to this is added sausage that has been boiled whole, then sliced … Continue reading

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