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30 December 2010 – Macaroni and cheese; mixed vegetables; salad

Mom suggested macaroni and cheese for dinner, so we had that. Sure is easy! Mom boils the macaroni, then adds longhorn cheddar, cut in rather large chunks, if my sighting of them in advance of dinner is accurate – maybe … Continue reading

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29 December 2010 – Deviled chicken thighs; pilaf; frozen mixed vegetables

I am trying to find recipes that Mom would like (she is bored with her standards) and would also be willing to cook (not complicated, that is), and this one was a winner. It’s from an old cookbook by Marian … Continue reading

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15 November 2010 – Hippie dinner! Farro with many veggies

D took the farro that we cooked for lunch (I think) awhile back and added a bunch of veggies to it to make a tasty and very healthful dinner. He sauteed some onions and added them. He used the last … Continue reading

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6 June 2010 – Last of the pot roast

(Written 14 June) This was my last dinner at Mom’s before leaving the next afternoon. We had pretty much the last of the pot roast, with mixed vegetables and rice – I think it was brown rice, actually. I had … Continue reading

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29 May 2010 – Leftover Lasagne; mixed vegetables

(Written 13 June) I convinced Mom that if we ate only 1/3 of the lasagne last time (when we could have as much as we wanted) then 1/2 the remainder was not skimping on anyone. This was not easy, but … Continue reading

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27 March 2010 – Round steak cooked in canned tomatoes; French fries, 5-vegetable mix

Mom seared a round steak and then cooked it in canned tomatoes (Mom said this variety also contained oregano, garlic, and something else) and water to cover the steak, for perhaps 3 hours. She served this out, and my brother … Continue reading

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