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Dinner at Mint Leaf – 6 May 2017

We were pretty late getting back from our afternoon walk (which is usually a morning walk), in part due to being delayed in starting by trying to get E’s photos ready for her. On the way home, D pointed out … Continue reading

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Leftover salmon in a white sauce, served over noodles; cooked carrots – 3 June 2015

Visiting Mom’s; she and I cooked dinner.  [written 150625 based on photos] I suggested we use up more of the pan-fried salmon by making a white sauce and serving over rice. Mom said how about noodles, which I thought was … Continue reading

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15 June 2010 – “Virginia Lee’s Chicken and Cold Noodles with Spicy Sauce”

I got this recipe from a colleague maybe… 15 years ago, and finally checked out the notation that it is from the 60-Minute Gourmet… which I seem to have picked up somewhere. Pierre Franey is the author. My colleague brought … Continue reading

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2 June 2010 – Leftover “Polynesian Chicken”; rice; peas; salad

(Written 14 June) Good leftovers – this is the chicken cooked with vinegar and pineapple chunks. I think of it as sweet and sour chicken, but its official name I think is Polynesian chicken. Mom managed to resurrect the leftover … Continue reading

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26 May 2010 – Leftover chicken with peaches and raspberry jam; corn; cole slaw

(Written 13 June) I’m relieved that Mom is willing just to serve leftovers! She changes to a different veggie, though. This corn we both agreed was not as good as the kind she usually gets (this was some store brand, … Continue reading

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24 March 2010 – Pot roast with tomatoes; noodles; sweet peas

Mom made a pot roast, apparently putting a can of tomatoes into the cooking water. I really like her pot roast and can never get mine to taste like hers. One reason may be that she uses a cut of … Continue reading

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