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Spaghetti with a creamy gorgonzola sauce; kale – 17 January 2018

We have about 1 1/2 cups of heavy (whipping) cream left after apparently overbuying for Es unbirthday dinner on the 14th. R&E took half of about 3 cups and we have the rest. So, what to do with it? Came … Continue reading

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Fresh pasta with ham, prosciutto, and cream; broccoli rabe – 10 January 2015

We are still in search of recipes to use up the cream I overbought for our family cook last Tuesday (6th). Also, we had 1/4 of the pasta remaining, which we rolled and cut on I think Thursday. We used … Continue reading

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Linguine with tomato sauce and goat cheese; broccoli; lettuce and carrot – 26 May 2014

Still at Mom’s, but this time I’m cooking my food – after a fashion. I have no garlic, for example, and what herbs I want I have to buy in plastic containers instead of running out to the garden (wrong … Continue reading

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7 October 2010 – Penne with cheese sauce, sage butter, and tomatoes; bruschetta

This is a mashup of two recipes from the Pasta Bible, one of the best impulse purchases (at Costco) I’ve ever made. A nasturtium pasta starts with shallots cooked in butter, with cream or half and half added, and cubed … Continue reading

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17 August 2010 – Gemelli with goat cheese, tomatoes and sage; snap peas with mint

It’s goat cheese week… This is a favorite recipe (one of many) from The Pasta Bible, which I bought on impulse once at Costco. Amazing book. This is a play on that recipe, actually. It wants linguine, these are gemelli. … Continue reading

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27 February 2010 – Ravioli with lamb and herbs

The Pasta Bible still has treasures for us to unearth. This was an excellent ravioli, which for some reason we have never made before. You sautee garlic and onion till soft, then add finely chopped lamb and brown, stir in … Continue reading

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