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Leftover Himapan Chicken; leftover sesame/garlic broccoli – 18 June 2015

Knowing we were going to go to a neighborhood meeting regarding the proposed construction of 4 townhouses down the block, D&I decided just to plan on having the last of the Anchalee leftovers for dinner. We didn’t know we’d be … Continue reading

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Pasta with… chicken and mushrooms… and potatoes! – 14 February 2011

D was using up the marble-sized mixed potatoes he boiled up awhile ago, plus some of the roast chicken. He cooked these with some mushrooms and served them over spaghetti. It was fun 🙂 He decided after the fact that … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with canned tomatoes and fresh basil; pear salad with pickled onions – 4 February 2011

D got home late again, and put together another great, quick meal. The pasta is from a Ten Speed Press book we’ve had forever called something like “100 Best Pasta Recipes.” Heat olive oil, add canned tomatoes and break up, … Continue reading

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Omelette with basil and Roma tomato; avocado with pickled onions – 3 February 2011

D got home really late, and made us an omelette for dinner,with fresh basil and a chopped Roma tomato – but first, he also made a remarkable salad. He learned to do Julia Child omelettes, and almost always does them … Continue reading

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Pannini and soup – 2 February 2011

D came home a bit late and sat down at the computer to do some stuff. A bit later, he asked if I were ready for dinner, and in a flash, there it was. The sandwich is one I made … Continue reading

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