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Trying out E’s jarred family pasta sauce – 7 August 2017

  E tried out making a large batch of her family’s favorite spaghetti sauce – I think it contains both ground beef and ground pork, along with some sweet-flavored spices – and gave us a quart jar of it. I … Continue reading

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Pizza with chard and goat cheese – 7 May 2017

Using up that 21 oz Costco vat of Laura Chenel chevre. Still. Used perhaps a bit under 2 more oz tonight on this pizza. I’ve done this many times, so won’t rewrite in entirety. But I did weigh the chard … Continue reading

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Dinner at Mint Leaf – 6 May 2017

We were pretty late getting back from our afternoon walk (which is usually a morning walk), in part due to being delayed in starting by trying to get E’s photos ready for her. On the way home, D pointed out … Continue reading

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Paccheri with mushrooms and boudin blanc; green beans – 14 January 2017

We needed to use up some white mushrooms, and I suggested trying my boudin blanc pasta with these instead of the usual eryngii and hen-of-the-woods (maitake). I had bought cream for [what turns out to be] tomorrow’s “poblano quiche” so … Continue reading

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Pappardelle with radicchio and bacon – 10 December 2016

Going for as many radicchio recipes as possible to use up the three heads of radicchio that D bought last week in a discount bag for 89 cents/lb. R&E happily took one of the heads, and we are coming close … Continue reading

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Pan-fried salmon; patate arrosto; canned corn – 1 June 2015

Aaack! Can’t believe, with all the time I had to sit at my computer while visiting at Mom’s that I didn’t write up ANY DINNERS. But I cooked most of them, so I can reconstruct based on the photos. I’m … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce with hard sausage bits – 5 January 2015

D&R&I were going to cook up a special meal tonight, but they had to work late on D’s truck and other things, so that will be tomorrow. I worked on my HW after the class I’m taking (different!) and came … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with fresh cranberry beans, breadcrumbs, and parsley; green cauliflower – 18 November 2014

We puzzled on the phone over what to have for dinner, and I came up with this pasta. Almost bought arugula at the Bowl (where I went to see if I could learn what apples they had that were like … Continue reading

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Skirt steak sandwiches with cilantro sauce; beet greens; cold veggies – 19 August 2014

Easy dinner tonight. A couple nights ago we had half an Acme Sweet Rustic baguette left over, so I cut it in two and froze the pieces, anticipating making sandwiches with them. We had a bit of the grilled skirt … Continue reading

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Lamb chops with “Lamb Merlot” marinade; kale with bacon; cannellini beans – 25 December 2013

Normally we would have a big feast that requires multiple cooks on Christmas, but with the guys engaged in a construction project-with-deadline, I was pretty much it till dark, so D and I settled on a fairly simple meal to … Continue reading

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Geatest finger-food party ever – 12 December 2013

Every year we are invited to this wonderful party at a local firm. They have such great food, and it is always fun to visit their offices and see what they’ve been working on, and meet their other friends, colleagues, … Continue reading

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Grilled lamb kebabs; cannellini bean salad; sugar snap peas with mint – 15 June 2013

Weber’s Art of the Grill has fabulous side dishes. I wanted to make this cannellini bean salad, though what it accompanies in the book – a marinated rack of lamb – is normally too pricey and too much work (i.e. … Continue reading

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Asparagus bread pudding; endive with gorgonzola dolce – 31 March 2013

Addpix With R & D working on the electricity for R’s house, I was on my own cooking this labor-intensive dish, except that D brought in, washed, and did the initial picking over of the herbs. Leaving only an hour’s … Continue reading

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Special dinner for a special wine – 29 March 2013

Addpix A few years ago my friend M, a winemaker, gave D and me a tasting of some truly extraordinary wines, and I brought home a bottle of one, well beyond anything we would normally spend, but an exceptional bottle, … Continue reading

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Elicoidali with grilled basil chicken and tomato sauce – 11 August 2012

I wanted to grill something for Saturday dinner, and also wanted to avoid the default beef short ribs I’ve used on multiple such occasions recently. I got a humongous bunch of basil at the farmers’ market in South Berkeley on … Continue reading

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Swordfish with red pepper aioli; zucchini with onions; Thai jasmine rice – 13 July 2012

Our friends M&N are staying here en route to their getaway in Marin, and D&I cooked dinner tonight while M was picking up N at the airport: Grilled swordfish marinated in chili/cayenne, topped with a roasted red pepper aioli, and … Continue reading

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Grilled, marinated short ribs; pilaf; spinach – 30 June 2012

We realized that we were overdue for a “Christmas” – wherein D provides me with a “wine of the month” of his choice, to go with a great dinner. He decided on a short rib from the batch we bought … Continue reading

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Grilled lamb kebabs; pilaf; chard – 12 May 2012

I wanted to grill some red peppers for use this week, and wondered what I could grill for dinner along with them, to combine cooking and save gas. It being a Saturday, I decided on lamb kebabs. I had packets … Continue reading

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Pork loin with pomegranate sauce; green beans with ginger – 25 December 2011

Well, we planned three meals today but should have planned only two. Given we had breakfast at about 10:30 and lunch at 3, we had a hard time getting hungry for dinner. And of course there were the Christmas Cookies … Continue reading

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Airplane dinner, but not airplane food – 17 November 2011

D put together a wonderful dinner for our flight. We had an Acme Long Italian loaf last night, and the remainder was left for this dinner. D bought more of that cheese that has espresso pressed into the surface – … Continue reading

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Lamb with lemon and thyme, grilled; Brussels sprouts; pilaf – 22 October 2011

I had to cook something quick b/c D&R were the featured artists at The Gardener today, and I wanted to go there too, which would not leave a lot of time for cooking afterwards. I took D there at 1, … Continue reading

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Dinner with new friends – 18 August 2011

R’s dear friends J&M invited us to J’s parents’ house in Berkeley. Great meal, even better company – what a wonderful evening! J and her Dad V apparently did most of the cooking. We saw V grilling kefta (lamb with … Continue reading

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Porcini in melted scamorze; dandelion green salad with anchovy dressing; haricots – 9 July 2011

It’s really fun having had this blog for a year and a half. Today D ran across some porcini, and immediately decided to rerun an experiment he did last year, where he used them in a sort of thickish quiche, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with leftover brined pork chop, fava beans, and mushrooms – 2 June 2011

D found the leftover pork chops from two days ago in the fridge, and decided to make a pasta out of them. He cut them into about 3/4″ pieces and sauteed them in oil. Along with these, he cooked some … Continue reading

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Chicken Caesar Salad at the Mountain Winery – 27 May 2011

Well, I was annoyed at myself for failing to take a picture of dinner till I remembered that the Mt. Winery – or rather the band that night – did not allow cameras into the site. Stupid, really, given that … Continue reading

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