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Chicken over rice and avocado, with piquillo peppers – 12 April 2012

What an interestingly different dinner! D had an avocado – one of those lightish green, smooth ones, not a Haas – that he wanted to use, and also some of the best parts of the roast chicken from Saturday night. … Continue reading

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Rice with chicken, black beans, and peppers; spinach – 11 April 2012

D had dinner almost done by the time I got home at quarter to eight. It smelled good 🙂 He cooked basmati rice, and added canned black beans, some more of the roast chicken, and slices of piquillo peppers from … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato-mushroom sauce; bruschetta with cannellini, boquerones, and piquillo peppers – 10 January 2012

I chose the main picture tonight b/c it was the more novel end of the meal, and also the coolest looking. This is a bruschetta of cannellini beans recooked with garlic and herbs, then topped with boquerones (white anchovies) and … Continue reading

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