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Fondue with borrowed fondue pot; roasted asparagus – 12 November 2017

Our SIL L suggested we have the family’s traditional cheese fondue, the recipe brought to our (mutual) late MIL by a Swiss exchange student in the 60s. We were sure our FIL P would really enjoy it. Unfortunately, when D … Continue reading

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Trying out E’s jarred family pasta sauce – 7 August 2017

  E tried out making a large batch of her family’s favorite spaghetti sauce – I think it contains both ground beef and ground pork, along with some sweet-flavored spices – and gave us a quart jar of it. I … Continue reading

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Gmish of calabrian sausage, tomatoes, eggplant, and summer squash over rice – 19 June 2017

D wanted to use some of the mound of veggies we got at the farmers’ market Saturday, and suggested we use the last of the Calabrian sausages in the freezer. The previous one was seriously freezer burned 😦 so I … Continue reading

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Leftover French lentil salad – 14 January 2016

On Monday the 11th we left half of everything, separately packaged, so we could have this French lentil salad a second time. I added a bit of water to the lentils and stirred them, also salted them with several shakes … Continue reading

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Leftover rice, porkchops, and baked garden veggies – 12 January 2016

We arranged dinners so as to use up leftovers in the middle of the string. Tonight I chopped up the rest of a red onion in the fridge that had seen better days (just a bit wimpy), and started it … Continue reading

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Warm French green lentil salad with pork belly and potatoes – 11 January 2016

I had my eye on this recipe from David Tanis’ One Good Dish since I picked it up in the store (and bought it immediately – the book fit the “how we really eat” category perfectly and we love it). … Continue reading

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Brined rosemary pork chops; long-cooked kale – 9 Jan 2016

D was concerned that we had a lot of wines in the cellar that we really should be drinking before they get too old. This is the kind of problem to have 🙂 So he chose one out that really … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with Trinacria tomato sauce – 23 December 2015

At Mom’s for a bit – the whole family. R&E, who arrived two days earlier, cooked dinner with the spaghetti sauce and pork sausage they’d picked up at Trinacria in Baltimore, while B, D, & I went out to choose … Continue reading

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Pork tenderloin ends; kale; potato(es) – 10 November 2014

D cooked up the pork tenderloin ends left over from last night, when we took a tenderloin from 2012 out of the freezer and used the center half or so to supplement the new one we’d bought at the Bowl. … Continue reading

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(Un)birthday dinner for R from La Cucina Italiana – 9 November 2014

Since R’s birthday fell on a weekday, we decided to celebrate with dinner on the weekend instead. He had been eying two recipes from a copy of La Cucina Italiana that he had borrowed from D. D and I braved … Continue reading

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Rice, crispy lettuce, salsa, and carnitas at a nighttime event – 10 September 2014

I neglected to take a picture of dinner, which was eaten mostly in the dark outside the door of the auditorium, watching a talk that was already underway when I arrived. However, there was a lot of the delicious stuff … Continue reading

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Pork chops with herbs; savory apple (un)compote; potatoes with parsley – 16 July 2014

We loved the apple thingy D made last night, and so D decided to try another tonight with pork chops. He used the good parts of two dropped apples, cutting off the bruises incurred by falling. I found out that … Continue reading

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“Ligurian pork chops”; Thai jasmine rice; Brussels sprouts – 26 January 2014

Since we were going to Costco today, and their boneless pork loin chops were on sale, I offered to cook tonight. The dinner was almost exactly the same as the 3rd of February last year!  I suggested, and D agreed … Continue reading

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Pork tenderloin with cherry glaze; hen-of-the-woods mushrooms; beet greens – 6 July 2013

It’s all about the wine. We decided to go for another Christmas dinner – that’s two in a row – to taste another of the wines from North Berkeley Wines that were on sale.  We chose the Pommard because there … Continue reading

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“Ligurian pork chops,” Thai jasmine rice, Brussels sprouts – 2 February 2013

Tonight we decided would be a “Christmas” – I guess this must be “Christmas in January” – wherein D presents me with a special bottle of wine (which I must share ;)) and we have a really nice meal to … Continue reading

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Burrito alpastor at the West Berkeley candidates’ party – 27 June 2012

Tonight was a party at Urban Ore in support of the fight of West Berkeley residents and businesses against the big developers and the city officials who are rolling out the red carpet for them. The Tacos El Rey taco … Continue reading

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Grilled boneless pork chops; roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary; grilled asparagus – 14 April 2012

D took two Costco pork chops – by which I mean almost 1/2 pound each, boneless, and an inch and a half thick – and grilled them over rosemary (taken out today by our wondrous neighbor T), after a first … Continue reading

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Pork chop pasta with sage; avocado salad; asparagus – 16 March 2012

We opened a wine I bought last week at Grocery Outlet – a Minervois that cost $15.99, but allegedly was (once) worth $60. D decided to use the last pork chop (also from Grocery Outlet) in a pasta to go … Continue reading

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Grilled pork chops; potatoes; cannellini beans; sauteed onions; grilled asparagus – 14 March 2012

I called D from Grocery Outlet, and he suggested I look for some prepared meats from Fra’ Mani and other notable producers. While I didn’t find those, I did mention seeing some boneless pork loin chops for a good price … Continue reading

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Dinner at Mint Leaf – 30 January 2012

D and I decided last night that we might bail on cooking and try out a relatively new (new to us, for sure) restaurant in our neighborhood, a Vietnamese place called Mint Leaf. It was really good, not perfect, but … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with hamburger, leftover pork, and other stuff – 16 January 2012

D took over cooking with my semester starting tomorrow. He took out the tomato sauce he made several days ago, and added to it. He started by heating some scallions that I saved in the fridge when I cut up … Continue reading

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Grilled pork tenderloin; pilaf; kale with pancetta – 15 January 2012

R was over for dinner and to look at old family slides. D and I and gone to Costco in the morning and bought pork tenderloins, and I grilled one of those for dinner. Looking for instructions on the grilling … Continue reading

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Curried pork with Thai spinach – 8 January 2012

I made a recipe from Thailand the Beautiful, a gift form R sometime back, and it was good, though I think I would make some changes in the amounts of the ingredients. I would increase the pork, and probably the … Continue reading

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Thai pork skewers and Lebanese zucchini with walnuts: an all-American dinner – 7 January 2012

I made my first recipe from Thai Street Food, which combines wonderful recipeness with coffee-table-bookness in a stunning and somewhat intimidating volume. I did choose a rather simple recipe, but still I found two ingredients I could not get (at … Continue reading

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Pasta with leftover pork tenderloin in pomegranate sauce; chard stems – 27 December 2011

D suggested making the leftover pork tenderloin into a pasta. I was doubtful, but he was right. I cut up the remaining 3 inches or so of meat into lengthwise quarters, then sliced about 1/8 inch thick. It looked like … Continue reading

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