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Blackened swordfish at Saltwater Cowboy – 10 November 2017

Nine more of our most excellent relatives got to town for the wedding tomorrow, and we arranged to have dinner together – 13 of us; this would be the newly-arrived bunch, and R&E, D&me. The four of us didn’t hear … Continue reading

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Omelette with mushrooms; broccolini; tarragon potato salad – 14 May 2017

Don’t remember this well (writing the 29th) but I think there was something important D wanted to use up in the omelette. Maybe just the mushrooms. We had more of the broccolini that D had bought from the Grand Lake … Continue reading

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Calabrian sausage; broccolini; tarragon potato salad – 13 May 2017

Writing this the 29th, based on memory and photos. We had potato salad to use up, and D suggested we defrost one of Christopher Lee’s Calabrian sausages to have with it. He had bought some broccolini at the Grand Lake … Continue reading

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Tarragon potato salad; favas; cheese – 12 May 2017

D & R were out till 6 getting ready for the market in the (early!) morning, then busy till almost 8 worrying the catch on one of the truck doors, which declined to open when asked. Not a good thing. … Continue reading

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Broiled cheese sandwiches and fava beans after the Kermit party – 29 April 2017

Kermit Lynch Wines is 45 years old, and fortunately Mr. Lynch saw fit to celebrate by bringing back the parking lot parties that used to happen 3 times a year (and which were actually Cafe Fanny parties, which explains why … Continue reading

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Hamburgers for the 4th of July; potato salad; broccolini – 4 July 2013

Well, this is an unusual dinner for us, but it shouldn’t be. I made hamburgers, potato salad, and broccolini for the three of us – R came over – and it was a  perfectly delicious dinner. I defrosted an 8 … Continue reading

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12 September 2010 – Leftover grilled beef, corn and avocado salsa, and potato salad

We sort of collaborated on this as I recall, but IIRC I had laundry to take care of so D did most of it. He cut up the last 1/3 of the pound of beef we had the previous night, … Continue reading

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11 September 2010 – New York steak with corn and avocado salsa; potato salad with tarragon

D and R were at the Grand Lake Market today, and we planned for D to buy me some good meat for dinner from Prather Ranch. I found a few recipes in the one of the Weber cookbooks – always … Continue reading

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5 July 2010 – Omelette; potato salad; green beans

D cooking: a workday for him, so he cooked a quick but delicious dinner. Unfortunately, writing this on the 9th, I can’t remember what herbs he put into the omelette. I do think he used chunks of Emmentaler in it. … Continue reading

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4 July 2010 – Hamburgers, potato salad, and apple pie for America’s birthday

We usually do this – grill hamburgers for the 4th of July. I forget how good they are. D mixed 1/2 pound of defrosted Costco hamburger with Worcestershire sauce and onions, and no doubt salt and pepper, and grilled them. … Continue reading

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2 July 2010 – Grilled cheese sandwich; potato salad; ricotta salata with favas, oil, and lemon

A high-stress day for D as he had to prepare for a show tomorrow morning. Nevertheless, he got a good dinner on the table. He grilled a sandwich in my panini grill – the bread he baked today, with Emmentaler … Continue reading

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23 June 2010 – Tarragon potato salad; radicchio and prosciutto

This potato salad is supposed to be made with fingerling potatoes, but we had a nifty substitute this time. I ran across these ridiculously cute little potatoes of mixed heritage that I bought on a whim for enormously too much … Continue reading

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