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Spaghetti with tomato and basil; aged fontina Valle d’Aosta; misc good stuff – 10 May 2012

I got home after 7, but had known in advance that this would be a hard day, so I planned on an easy dinner. I made the world’s simplest pasta, from the Ten Speed Press book by Diane Seed, “The … Continue reading

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Cheese and bread; carrot; pears, before the City Council meeting – 8 May 2012

On Saturday we bought a couple of really good cheeses at The Cheese Board to have for a quick dinner tonight, before heading to the City Council meeting that started at 7. One was a long-time favorite, Le Gariotin, and … Continue reading

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Herb omelette and toast after the neighborhood meeting – 23 April 2012

We got home about 8:30 after the neighborhood meeting (which I led) and D said he had no ideas for dinner. I said “omelette!” He had been talking about an omlette b/c we had extra tarragon and chives from last … Continue reading

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Chicken sandwiches on baguette; asparagus; potatoes – 10 April 2012

D bought an Acme Long Italian Baguette today for himself and R for lunch, and we had more of it for dinner, for chicken sandwiches. He used more of the roasted chicken from Saturday night, some romaine, and a bit … Continue reading

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“Chicken piccata” pasta with asparagus – in it! – 9 April 2012

D said he was making a chicken piccata thing, but pasta for some reason didn’t cross my mind as an option. Silly, give that he would rather have pasta than Oreos and I have done a chicken piccata pasta myself … Continue reading

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Omelette with ham and sage; radish – 4 April 2012

D made a very quick dinner tonight – planned in advance since it was not clear I would be home anywhere near on time, and this was something he could make quickly, or make once for himself and once again … Continue reading

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Cheese, bread, hard boiled egg and cold veggies before the Planning Commission meeting – 7 March 2012

D put together a quick but good meal since we had to leave for the Planning Commission meeting by about 6:40. He took out the last of some cheeses he and R had gotten during their recent show, and added … Continue reading

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