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Bean/veggie/penne soup from Christmas capon stock – 2 January 2018

After boiling and reboiling this stock a few times, D finally made it into a soup, and an excellent soup it was! Here are the beans being checked for untoward inclusions: We tried to use up tiny quantities of old … Continue reading

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Panini with leftover foccacia, robiola and prosciutto; favas; baby carrots – 22 April 2013

Addpix I knew I wouldn’t be off work till 6 at the earliest, and then D called and said I should come by his work b/c they were doing “a pour” – that is to say, pouring molten metal into … Continue reading

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Italian sausage; chard; potatoes with parsley – 11 April 2013

Addpix We had to work on taxes, and I didn’t get home till 7, so nothing fancy tonight. I took the last of the 3 bunches of chard I got at Berkeley Bowl last week – amazingly almost entirely still … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with tomato sauce with mushrooms and hamburger – 11 March 2013

D got home without an idea of what to cook, and was happy to find in the fridge the last of his tomato sauce, to which he’d added a half pound of hamburger last time. He heated this up, and … Continue reading

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Lamb meatballs over cucumber salad; tomatoes; pear – 23 Sept 2012

I chose this recipe from the Pinxtos book b/c it used ground lamb, which I had had D buy on spec, and also breadcrumbs, which would use up the bread I felt guilty about abandoning when I made the pizza … Continue reading

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Pizza with toasted walnuts, gorgonzola dolce, and arugula – 13 August 2012

Still trying to use up a mound of most excellent baby wild arugula, I searched my three blogs for past recipes. I found this pizza in 2010. It was delicious, and I was really glad that I had a blog back … Continue reading

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Calzone from PiQ; broccoli – 31 May 2012

We didn’t start bread b/c D would not be here to finish it anyway, so D suggested that he buy something for dinner at PiQ, where he had a meeting in the late afternoon, providing the offerings looked good. They … Continue reading

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Two pizzas to use up stuff in the fridge – 25 September 2011

I used up two and a half balls of Gustosella buffalo mozzarella on Friday, and had a half-ball leftover. D suggested making a margherita, but didn’t realize how little cheese was left (I would ordinarily use 1 ½  or 2 … Continue reading

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Pizza with Italian sausage, poblanos, corn, tomato pesto, and cilantro at Paisan; fried olives – 13 January 2011

D had a meeting that he knew would last late, so he decided not to cook. By the time he got home it was too late to go to Riva Cucina, so we chose pizza at Paisan. This is very … Continue reading

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8 November 2010 – Spaghetti with defrosted sauce; salad with leftover Weber salsa

I wanted to get in a workout this evening, so I pulled a small vat of spaghetti sauce out of the freezer this morning. It was a tomato sauce, labeled as having our sausages in it. I cooked up 4 … Continue reading

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28 October 2010 – Spaghetti with mushrooms and Toulouse sausage; bruschetta

D dug out a patty of Toulouse sausage that we made on 19 June, and made a pasta with that and mushrooms, in some olive oil. He also made some bruschetta with some Dirty Girl early girls that I got … Continue reading

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