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Asian veggies over rice noodles – 16 April 2012

D cooked a pile of veggies and served over rice noodles. Most delicious! He steeped the rice noodles in hot water for a bit – perhaps not long enough, as they were on the chewy side, but not problematically so. … Continue reading

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Leftovers from The Slanted Door without actually going there – 27 September 2011

Our friends M&N passed through on their way back to the airport from their brief vacation at Pt. Reyes. They returned our coolers and reusable ice packs, with a pile of leftovers they couldn’t conveniently take on the plane with … Continue reading

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Thai marinated vegetables with noodles and egg – 4 May 2011

D put together a marvelously delicious dinner tonight! He made a dipping sauce – Nuoc Cham –  from our Vietnamese cookbook called Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: Food from a Family Table. He marinated some matchsticked veggies [I think in the dipping … Continue reading

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Squash, eggplant and other veggies over rice noodles – 28 March 2011

D cooked up another largish quarter or so of the Kabocha squash (peeled, chunked, and boiled) and also sauteed up garlic, onions, some of those adorable 3″ long fat little eggplants, sliced, and at the end, some mushrooms, and put … Continue reading

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Ginger beef with broccoli, mushrooms and rice noodles – 12 March 2011

Wow, this was a great use of leftovers by D. He used three of the beef strips we didn’t eat last night, and all of the tangerine and mushroom sauce. He cooked some ginger, fresh mushrooms, and scallions in canola … Continue reading

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